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I was nominated for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by fellow blogger at Angela’s World of Writing and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for such a wonderful acknowledgement.

Thank you Angela! I truly appreciate this and I am paying it forward now. This is an awesome way to show some love to fellow bloggers you admire and follow.


  1. Display the award logo.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Seven Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

  1. I was born with little fingers on both hands that slant inwards toward my other fingers. I’m ALWAYS ready for a spot of tea.
  2. I love eating frosting out of the container. Vanilla is my favorite, but I’ll devour chocolate in the same freakish manner.
  3. I have a cotton ball phobia. Seriously. I cannot touch them. I will pass out on the spot. Just thinking about this right now is causing me to have a minor panic attack. And don’t call me nuts. My sister has this phobia, too!
  4. When I was a cheerleader, I had my earrings in both ears ripped out multiple times. They never healed back up. I can fit an entire earring through the holes now! Which is why I no longer wear the things – in case you were thinking of getting me a pair for Valentine’s Day. I’ll take a bracelet instead.
  5. My favorite color is black. I love the color so much you’d swear I was a mortician. But I hate dead bodies. Those are creepy. And cold.
  6. I detest seafood. I’m a native Mainer and won’t touch the stuff. Disgusting. So if you come to visit and you’re not Caden’s grandparents, get your own lobster. They’re special. Sorry. No exceptions.
  7. I STILL want to be a ballerina and often find myself standing in first position and doing plies at the most awkward moments.

Nominees (in no particular order)

The Dose of Reality – These chicks have in going on! I’m especially fond of Ashley, whose witty sarcasm makes me realize that I am not quite ready to laugh while wearing a pair of size 6 jeans. Thanks dude! 😉

NieNie Dialogues – I admire Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson, a blogger who was severely burned in a plane crash back in 2008. Despite all odds, she has persevered as a mom, wife, author and business owner. She also gives back to communities that have suffered recent tragedies or losses through visits and personal speaking engagements. Just a lovely, strong, admirable woman.

Terrible Minds – Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds blog is among the best. I have learned so much about writing from his insightful, honest posts. But most of all, I have learned that prologues can “eat a sack of wombat cocks, and if you use one you will be ostracized and forced to eat dust and drink urine, you syphilitic charlatan.” Oh yeah. That honest.

Black Girl in Maine – My list would not be complete without Shay Stewart-Bouley being on it. A fellow Maine blogger and a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog, Stewart-Bouley makes you think and feel through energy-charged, rawly personal posts. She never lets us forget that life can always be worse. True words.

Martinis and Minivans – This recent winner of Blogger Idol will leave you wishing you had grabbed the Kleenex and not been left with bladder issues AFTER giving birth to a couple of kids. She’s funny and inspiring. A rare combination.

Scary Mommy – Among the top female bloggers in the world, Jill Smokler is an idol for many fellow lady bloggers, myself included. She is brutally honest about parenting: “If he’s 40 and wants me to lie with him and scratch his arm, I’ll be all “Move over, Megan,” or whatever his unappreciative, son-stealing wife’s name is.”

The Bloggess – Another top blogger, Jenny Lawson is HILARIOUS. In all caps. I was shouting. Too bad. Check her out and pick up a copy of her recent bestseller, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

The Orange Rhino – If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a few times more, IT NEVER PAYS TO SHOUT. Well maybe in that last sentence and the sentence above it does, but other than that, no. Need to learn how to stop yelling – particularly at your kids? The Orange Rhino will get you on the right track and keep you there. A self-help meets lift my spirits kind of blog.

WriterMom’s Blog – Angela is a gifted writer, online community manager extraordinaire and one of the coolest moms around! I was so happy to hear that she started blogging (again) and encourage you to check it out.

The Bookshelf of Emily J. It’s the writing. It’s the reading suggestions. It’s everything about this blog. I adore it!

The Blog of Seth Godin – Bestselling author and “America’s Greatest Marketer” Seth Godin, inspires you to get off of your ass and go make something happen! Do it! Now!

Jennifer Represents – Once upon a time, I had a very bad experience with a literary agent. Ever since, I’ve had an intense fear of these super-intellectual beings. Jennifer Laughran is the one agent I can see myself hanging out with on a Friday night. I love her blog, which has helped me to better understand the world of publishing and what it takes to make it as an author. I’m also digging her tweets. Beware: don’t get caught in her crossfire!

Fly4You – The tale of two dad and two kids and a whole lot of love and commotion… Love them. Love their story. Admire everything they are doing in life and love. This is a MUST READ blog. Ooops. I shouted again (sorry Mrs. Orange Rhino!).

Cupcake Project – It’s no secret, I’m a sucker for cake and I will work for cupcakes. The Cupcake Blog is infused with food porn and even more tantalizing imagery.

Downs Side Up – Little Natty is one of the most beautiful children on the planet! Her story will make you laugh and cry, but mostly, it will make you thankful for little miracles (our children!).


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