Watch Out For The Baby In The Family Because They’re Sneaky.


You have to watch out for your babiest babies, y’all. They are sneaky.

You see, your oldest holds mama’s hand and walks along beside you into the newness if every parenting season. That relationship is special like that, isnt it?


Your oldest made you a mama, and every little phase of life from that day on is a first for you and for them. You are figuring this thing out together, screwing things up together, and loving one another through all of the chaos. Your oldest is reliable like that.

But the your babiest baby? Watch out.

Where your oldest set an expectation, they show up with style to destroy it. You think potty training goes a certain way? You think you know how to sleep train or baby proof or literally anything you figured out along the way with your oldest?



Your babiest baby came into this world looking all doe eyed and innocent, but believe me, they’ve got street smarts.

Your baby watched big brother and big sister get busted with their sneaky antics.

So the baby got even sneakier.

Your baby watched big brother and big sister whine and get their way or beg and lose their privileges.

So the baby refined their skills of manipulation.

And you thought you learned how to hide knives and sharp corners and snacks too small for a toddler to eat safely?

Psh. Baby figured out how to use a step stool when they were nine months old.

Better up your game, mamas.

Your babiest babies can open the freezer, open a pint of chocolate ice cream and turn on the TV in the time it takes you to pee.

You will walk out of the bathroom to find the cat finishing off your Rocky Road, HBO blasting a show that’s barely appropriate for adults, and just when you are about to cuss or cry…you’ll realize baby also figured out how to FaceTime with your in-laws.

Like I said. You have to watch out for your baby.

But not because of any of that…

The truth is you have to watch your baby closely because while you are busy cutting your oldest kid’s dinner, your baby was trying to take her first steps.

You better watch them closely because while you were hurrying the oldest out the door to kindergarten, that baby figured out how to put on her own shoes.

Keep an eye on your baby, folks.

Because while you were doing sight word flash cards with your six year old, your baby was drawing a picture of “Mommy and Me” that fell under the table before you got a chance to see it.

And I don’t say this to guilt anyone.

I’m speaking from experience.

We have to watch out for the babiest of our babies because they are the sneakiest…about growing up.

We expect their tiny giggles and chubby cheeks to stay babyish forever. We expect their doe eyed gaze and their devilish antics to live forever in toddlerhood.

But while we are busy figuring out how to parent the oldest and run our house and balance our lives they are moving into 5t leggings.

Dropping all of their adorable baby words.

They are forgetting the blanket the used to need to sleep. They are needing us less and growing up more and it’s all happening in the shadows, right beneath our noses.

Like I said. You have to watch out for the babiest babies. They’ll grow up without you even realizing it.

They are sneaky like that.

You have to watch out for your babiest babies, y’all. They are sneaky.You see, your oldest holds mama’s hand and walks…

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Friday, November 1, 2019


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