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Mary Katherine Backstrom
MK is a mom who likes to write. She drinks coffee and loves Jesus and omg could she be anymore basic? Well, anyways. Her kids are 3 and 5. She found a cat at Waffle House last week, and dreams of being president one day, but would settle for being rich and eating tacos every day. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

My Double Mastectomy Is In Four Weeks

My mastectomy is in four weeks, y’all. My boobs are walking the green mile and they don’t even know it yet. After years of begging...

What Will You Miss?

What Will YOU Miss?  A tired, new mother wears her baby through the aisles of Target, hair in a messy bun and eyes burning from...

There Is A Season For Oreos And A Season For Jogging

Can I be honest? Ever since my breast reduction, my cancer diagnosis, my husband accepting a new job, packing up the house to move, staying...

Some Children Are Just Born Feral

Some children are just born feral. Parents can potty train and sleep train and teach manners until their brains are about to explode, but there...

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