What If I Fail My Children During This Pandemic?


What if I fail my children when it comes to this indefinite time I have with them at home?

What if, because of me, they regress?

What if I — unintentionally, of course — neglect their educational, physical, and mental needs?


I mean, it doesn’t seem humanly possible that one very imperfect human can perfectly tend to three humans 15+ hours a day, day after day after day with little to no outside of the home adventures.

I worry.

I worry a lot.

And then, like the overthinking, emotional, anxiety-prone nut that I am, I worry some more.


I relayed my feelings to my husband last night, word vomiting my fears onto him as do each and every day around 9 p.m.

And he said something that I’m going to hold on to tightly for the rest of this pandemic journey and beyond. He said —

The kids are okay.


“The kids are okay.”

That’s all it took.

And, perhaps you’re questioning whether they should be better than just okay, and the answer is no; at least they don’t need to be.

Expecting our kids to be loving every minute of this time at home while being separated from all that they have come to know and love about their school, teachers, friends, activities, and schedule is unrealistic and unfair.

Forcing them to be all smiley and motivated amidst the monotony that is their current situation is wrong and idiotic.

Allowing them to have ups and downs, good and bad days, and emotions that run the gamut, that is how we don’t fail our children.

The kids are okay.

Not great.

Not fabulous.

But okay.

And so is the job your doing, and it’s still impressive as hell.

What if I fail my children when it comes to this indefinite time I have with them at home?What if, because of me, they…

Posted by Jthreenme on Saturday, April 18, 2020


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