Working Mom Travel Tips


Any working mom knows it’s hard enough being away from your kids while at your “other” job. But a working mom who travels is an entirely different category. Not only are you still 100% there and dedicated to your kids, you have to figure out ways to be there for them and with them in spirit from afar. The following working mom travel tips can help you get over the physical barriers that fall between you and your children while on a plane, in a different city or even another country, and let you connect just as if you were there by their side.

  1. Give the kids a heads up.

Emotionally preparing your kids for when you’ll be out of town can help them better handle it. Be proactive and remind them of when you are leaving. You can write down your away days on that calendar hanging on the fridge so they can physically see the dates. Younger children especially may need this special reminder so that they won’t be surprised if you abruptly leave.

  1. Write your kids notes.

Even if you’re not around, it doesn’t mean you’re thinking of your kids. Writing notes to your kids and leaving them around the house will make them feel as if you are there. They can be anything from love notes to friendly reminders to make their bed in the morning, anything that makes them feel like you haven’t left can bring warm feelings and let them know you care.

  1. Let the kids help you with your trip.

Getting your kids involved in your life is always a treat for them. When traveling is a huge part of your job and indirectly a huge part of your life, letting your children help you with your travel plans can make them feel included. Let them help you plan your trip. For the tech savvy teenagers, perhaps they can help you look up things to do and where to stay on the internet with you. For the younger ones, packing can be an easy task to help with. Get their feedback on what to wear. They’ll feel important that they are able to help you pick the perfect meeting outfit.

  1. Use technology to connect with them.

Although it may seem like your kids get a little tuned into their iPads these days instead of listening to you, technology can also be here to help you connect with your kids from afar. When you’re on the plane, you can use Go-Go Inflight Wi-Fi to communicate with your family back at home. T-Mobile currently offers unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi texting and the first hour internet free on the plane—which is especially useful for moms that travel frequently for work but still need to stay in contact with loved ones on the ground.

  1. Have kids go about business as usual.

When you’re away, things at home can go awry. Be sure to remind either the babysitter or your co-parenting partner to stick to the normal routine. This way the kids don’t feel as if a drastic change has happened when you leave. Keeping up business as usual will help to maintain a stable emotional and mental state for your kids at home.

  1. Take the kids with you on your travels.

If you can swing it with your company, make the most of your travels by taking the kids and spouse with you. They can see a glimpse into your work life and begin to gain respect and pride for what you do. Nothing feels better than the support of your family, plus the indirect family vacation gives you the quality time with that kids that’s invaluable and will be in your memories for a lifetime.

Traveling for work on a regular basis doesn’t make it easy to do your main job as mom. But by taking little actions that make the kids feel comforted while you’re away or even bringing them with you while you travel, you can be more connected and close to them than ever. Let the working mom that travels in you be the best mom you can be—your kids will be grateful as well as yourself for maintaining a strong relationship even from far away.


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