You Might Be a Mom If…


If you have ever:

Searched frantically for a hair tie while three reside on your wrist;

Detangled your toddler’s hair from her brother’s drone;


Had to explain to the children why “we don’t lick the doctor’s office floor,”

Burned toast;

Caught vomit in your hands;

Opened a new box of crackers in the grocery store to pacify a screamer;

Felt guilty for feeding your kids too many/carbs/gluten/grams of sugar;

Photo Credit: Molly DeFrank

Exhaustedly thrown a Pinterest-themed rager for your kid’s birthday;

Felt crushed by guilt that you’re doing this mom-thing all wrong;

“Watched this” 10,000 times;

Thought that a speech delayed 2-year-old was the ultimate parenting challenge;

Wished back the days when a speech delay was your biggest parenting challenge;

Wrestled a biohazardous car-seat cover off and into the washer;

Helplessly sat at home while your kid dealt with anxiety at school;

Wiped away tears watching that same kid make a new friend;

Rage-cleaned your house;

Felt like you’re nailing your job;

Felt like you’re failing at your job (within the same 10 minute period);

Sustained a Lego-foot injury;

Cried in the Target parking lot;

Wondered if your baby will ever figure out potty training;

Wondered when your potty-trainer grew into a fraction-multiplying, crush-having junior-higher;

Seen the end of yourself;

Needed help;

Felt inadequate;

Witnessed God working in you, your kids, your life;

Collapsed into bed, beat up by another day on this exhausting, non-paying job;

Nearly burst with gratitude that you have the privilege of raising tiny souls…

You might be a mom.

If you have ever:Searched frantically for a hair tie while three reside on your wrist;Detangled your toddler's hair…

Posted by Molly DeFrank on Monday, March 2, 2020


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