You Want Some College Boobs? (An Excerpt)



My second book, Clash of the Couples, came out Monday to rave reviews! Someone actually said that we made them pee! I’m going to rent a billboard and put that up there. LOL! Yay for couples fighting over absurd stuff. I’m so excited for this release. Thank you for all the support!

Rather than make you wait to read my story “You Want Some College Boobs?” I thought I’d share an excerpt here:

You Want Some College Boobs?

By Crystal Ponti


There’s a fifteen-year age difference between my husband and me. I’m the old one. He’s the spring chicken. Most days this isn’t an issue. Other days—“college boobs” comes up in the browsing history of our computer.

Despite the years that separate us, I’m not typically insecure. My body has grown and birthed five kids. I’m the walking equivalent of a 1984 Honda Civic—that’s still on the road. I have dings, dents, and depressions, in all the wrong places. Thankfully, my husband loves me, battle wounds and all.

So I’m not sure why college boobs singed my nose hairs and sent me on a buffalodic stampede. All guys look at boobs on the Internet, right? Would I have been more at ease if the search had read “sagging tits with stretch marks”?

Shocked and PMS-driven, I frantically clicked on each of the links that appeared after college boobs. There was nothing hardcore. Not like what I had expected. There were a few YouTube videos of wet T-shirt contests. Several pages of wild sorority parties. And some straggling Google images of nothing more than twenty-somethings sporting bikinis. It was a nippleless search extravaganza.

But I was pissed. Peeved off.

I paced back and forth, leaving a scuff trail across the hardwood floors. I paced until he arrived home from work later that night.

He was barely through the door before I nailed him. “College boobs, huh? You want some of those?”

If you’d like to read the rest, you have to buy a copy of the book! Here’s where you can get it:


And again, THANK YOU! This early success would not be possible without you.


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