17 Funny Tweets For Moms Who Know The Struggle For Alone Time Is Real


We moms gladly sacrifice a lot for our families. But one of the things that most of us miss the most- along with daily showers and a full night’s sleep- is time to be ALONE. The reality is, parenting small children often renders the concept of “alone time” to be elusive at best, and seemingly impossible. Even a trip to the bathroom can be a welcome moment of solitude… IF we’re lucky enough to enjoy it alone (and since we’re moms, it’s not likely).

The moms of Twitter know the struggle to find a little time to ourselves is all too real. Check out these hilarious tweets about moms’ desire for some solitude, and the ways they find it!

  1. The very concept of enjoying your “alone” time changes once you have kids.

2. You don’t want to waste your “down” time lying down, so you’re tired. Forever.

3. Even a few spare minutes alone feels like heaven to us moms.

4. A trip to the stores, alone? The BEST!

5. And if that trip happens to be to a Target- bliss. Sheer bliss.

6. Because let’s face it: alone time comes at a cost. To YOU.

7. You try to start your day earlier, but the kids somehow sense it, and:

8. Or they actually join you DELIBERATELY, which is cute, but… also not so fun.

9. It’s a struggle, & our family members just.don’t.get.it.

10. And they find the need to be a PART of your alone time. Which… no. Just no.

11. But they’re more than happy to leave us alone since it still usually helps THEM.

12. We coincidentally find ourselves alone when there’s work to be done…

13. …which is a technique that can actually come in handy…

14. Thanks, kid- the best game ever!!

15.  So you find those solo moments when you can. And WHERE you can.

16.  And you will savor that alone time. No matter how it comes. Seriously.

17. Moments alone are few; if it’s not one thing (kids), it’s another (pets).

If you managed to read this alone, congrats! It’s probably time to flush & get back out there…


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