17 Funny Tweets From Parents Who Hate That Damn Elf On The Shelf


They’re baaaacccckk! Yup, it’s the most wonderful time of the year… for the parents who don’t have an Elf On The Shelf in their home, that is. But for those of us who foolishly decided to bring the little creeper in & are now saddled with daily regret, it’s far less enjoyable.


The parents of Twitter are just as sick of the Elf On The Shelf as you are; laugh along with them as they vent about the angst of the daily elf saga.

  1. Some of you were smart enough not to even begin this insanity.

2. But for the rest of us… we did this to ourselves (Why? Why did we do it?!).

3. The dread creeps in early… even before the elf himself creeps in.

4. From now until Christmas, we’re stuck with the elf, every.single.DAY.

5. It started out cool, but the overachieving parents ruined it for us slacker parents.

6. They set the bar WAY too high.

7. Moving the elf becomes such a hassle. Or rather, such an F$%^* hassle.

8. The fun of the whole Elf On The Shelf thing wears off REALLY quickly.

9. The kids may love it, but the parents? Not so much.

10. It’s all fun & games until your spouse slacks on his/her elf game.

11. The elf is supposed to keep kids in line, but- IT DOESN’T WORK.

12. We end up resorting to more… desperate measures.

13. Or more painful measures (but at least they’re effective!).

14. Some parents are just OVER IT.

15. A few wise parents have even fired their elf, & they are my heroes!

16. It’s time to send the elf back to where he came from: Santa. Or HELL.

17. Or we can just stop doing this to ourselves!

Looks like the Elf On The Shelf is well past his shelf life!







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