18 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Perfectly What It’s Like Raising Girls


I firmly believe that whoever said, “Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice,” never actually raised girls. At least, not any girls I’ve ever met.


I mean, of course they have their sweet, adorable moments, but they are also every bit as loud, relentless, and messy as their male counterparts.

Still, there are a unique set of challenges that come with raising girls — from the talking, talking, talking to the massive clumps of hair that perpetually clog the shower drains. (Say it with me, “Yuuuck!”) And OMG that hideous Pepto-Bismol pink color from which, I’ve discovered, there is no escaping.

The struggle is real, you guys. It really is.

Luckily, the parents of Twitter are keeping it real, as always, and helping us laugh at the craziness that is raising girls.

1. Did I mention the talking? 

2. It won’t be quiet for a looong time.

3. I wonder who they get it from?

4. But we appreciate it.

5. Or so we tell ourselves. 

6. Because they command the room. 

7. And are just so adorable about it.

8. (Most of the time.)

9. We love how sentimental they are.

10. Spending quality time with them is super fun.

11. But maybe not at the mall.

12. Their jewelry is pretty cool.

13. And how much fun is it to play with their hair?

14. But you need a PhD in braiding.

15. This part is kind of gross though.

16. And where do all of the ponytail holders go?

17. But in all seriousness, raising girls is awesome.

18. Even if we get a few more eye rolls than we bargained for. 

Good luck!




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