3 Easy Ways to Help Your Family Feel at Home in a New House


After what seemed like endless weeks of packing up boxes, loading all of your precious belongings into a moving truck and driving hundreds of miles, you are now sitting in your new home.

While you are relieved to have the big move behind you, your kids may not feel the same way. Don’t forget that they have also experienced the stresses associated with moving, and they are probably nervous about making new friends, starting a new school and getting used to a whole new house and neighborhood.

To help your new house feel more like a home, consider the following tips:

Invite Some New Friends Over

With all of the unpacking, decorating and getting settled you have left to do, having company over might be the last thing on your mind. However, filling your new house with friends is a great way to turn those four walls into something that feels like home. If the neighbors down the block have a girl your daughter’s age, ask them to join you for pizza and a movie night. When your son comes home from his new school all excited and relieved about his new friend Ben, text Ben’s mom and set up a playdate in your backyard.

Your new friends won’t care if your new home is not “perfect” or that boxes are still stacked up. And hearing your kids laugh with their new pals will make you (and them) feel more at home.

Install a Home Security System

If your former home had a security system, your kids may notice and comment about your new place needing one. Your new house may make different creaks and noises than your previous one, so not having an alarm may make your kids’ dark bedrooms seem scarier at night. Assure your kids that you will do everything you can to make them safe, including installing a home automation system.

Even if you didn’t have a security system before, letting your kids know that you have an alarm system all set up, and that you can monitor it from your smartphone, may help them feel safer in your new place. There are several home automation products that will make your new house seem cooler than your previous one. Home automation systems aren’t just about security systems, they also allow you to lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and adjust the temperature. Your kids will be wowed — and more importantly, they’ll be safe — when you install a home automation system.

Give Your Kids Some Control

Your kids probably feel like they have had the rug pulled out from under them and that everything has changed without their permission. To help them feel more comfortable and in control of the situation, let your children make some decisions that affect them. For example, if your son has been begging for a new kitten and has proved that he is responsible, go visit an animal shelter in your new town and adopt a furry friend. Or if your daughter loves everything green and purple and her new room came painted orange and blue, head to a local home improvement store where she can pick out whatever shades of paint she loves. Then, schedule a mom-daughter paint day to make the room more her own.

It’s the little things that help your new house feel like a home. Take the time to get settled in and make sure your family is comfortable and happy. It will be worth it in the long run.


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