Helping Your Teen to Find Their Passion In Life 


As parents, your child’s teen years are an exciting time when you seen angst start to turn into future passion. You get to use the benefit of your experiences and guide your son or daughter toward a career that will put their passions to good use. Here are a few things to keep in mind when helping your teen find direction:

Characteristics Of A New Generation

Kids belonging to Generation Z, as today’s youngest generation is sometimes called, do have some predictive features that will help you coach your child toward a fulfilling career. Where Millennials were the gatekeepers of technology, Generation Z kids are its product. Their world seems small because they can communicate with anyone in it. Teach your child how to use these communication tools as part of a life goal. Furthermore, point them in the direction of learning a second or third language to open up opportunities in a global workforce. Show them how to use online networks to bring together people with similar passions as them, even if they initially don’t understand that this network may be a reflection of their desires in life.

The Movers and Shakers

The ability to communicate globally and at a fast pace has positioned the newest generation to be entrepreneurs. They can do more on their smartphone in a hour than traditional generations could do in a day. They have more people in their contact list than some large businesses have in their marketing databases. If your child seems to have these skills and connections, you may want to have her explore self-employment. For these kids, there is a lot of excitement to be found in taking control and being a self-starter. Have your child look at Amway as a starting point in her entrepreneurial life. As one of the largest direct sales organizations in the country, it offers the opportunity to start a business while providing the safety of working for an established company.

It’s Not About The Money

Some young people find their passion in discovery and beauty. These are the ones that love Russian literature or quantum biology. Nothing is more crushing to a young passionate soul than to be asked how they will make money. The best answer is that every field has its potential revenue stream. It is your job to properly prepare your child to take advantage of this. In general, the more esoteric the field of study, the higher the degree your child will need to attain. As a family, you will need to plan accordingly. Use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you an idea of the salaries and educational requirements for each industry.

The Right Company

The average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times in their career. This is an important statistic for your burgeoning adult because it means that decisions made today do not need to last a life time. Knowing that change can happen, direct your child to companies where lateral changes are frequent. Government jobs are great in this respect, given that government organizations like to hire from within.


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