3 Ways Parenting Has Changed


Every generation fears that the new generation is ruining the old. Nowadays, younger people have more freedom and access to information than ever before. Because of this, adults aren’t only out of touch with the ways of the new world, but they’re worried about how their children may be using new technology. Access to the internet makes the world a smaller, but more dangerous place; therefore, parenting has had to adapt to this change. Here are 3 ways parenting has changed over the course of the years.


Kids don’t just ride about on their bikes anymore, or go swing in the local batting cages; instead, they have laptops, tablets, games consoles, iPhones, smartwatches, smart TVs, on-demand channels and a thousand more options of entertainment that make the traditional methods of entertaining kids a stuck in the stone-age. Instead of worrying about your son or daughter cutting their knee, now parents’ concerns are making sure that their child is safe on the internet, or making sure that they’re not talking to strangers in chat rooms, and that the graphics video-game they’re playing isn’t scarring their imaginations.

To remedy this, ensure parental locks are in place, so your children can’t accidentally search or stumble onto graphic and unsafe content. Parents should, however, trust their children, and open up a discussion on how to use the internet safely. Open communication means your child is more likely to come to you, rather than keep it a dangerous secret.


Again, access to the internet means that fashion is now an ever-changing concept. One week it’s new sneakers, the next is a specific viral brand of clothing, and kids aren’t getting this information from TV and magazines anymore. Instead, they are on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the online shops. This, however, is a bonus for many parents. Rather than taking them out, you can now ask for their opinions and order to your doorstep. Not only does your child get to be fashionable, but you also reduce the amount of time trawling through stores. Additionally, you are also no longer confined to the borders of your country as international online shopping means you don’t have to live in Europe to order your kids’ clothes from a place like Nickis. Instead, you can order it and have to delivered to your door without any tantrums in the mall.


Let’s face it, most changes in parenting are the result of the internet. You are not the only guidance your child will seek when growing, meaning that social norms and influences are not being picked up from external sources. The days of a child simply knocking on a door to see if their friend is home are a distant memory; instead, your child will text or message and emojis filled message over an app. However, this does not mean you child should be confined to the inside of the house until their friends become free. Although this can save any wasted time, you should encourage your child to grab their bike and cycle to their friend’s house.


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