5 Unconventional Ways To Choose A Baby Name


Expecting a baby is a magical, yet very busy time for parents. Amidst the flurry of preparing an ideal room, purchasing all the necessities, and attending doctor’s appointments galore, there’s also that minor detail of choosing the perfect baby name –- one that both parents like and can appreciate.


Although this might seem like an easy task, there are times when Mom and Dad find themselves at odds. If you’ve suddenly found yourself in this situation, don’t fret.

Rather than toss pacifiers at one another, here are five unconventional ways to find the middle ground and choose a great name for your baby:

Revisit the “Maybe” List

Agree to disagree and move on to the Maybe list.

While this may not seem like the ideal scenario, sometimes it’s better to let go of what you view as the perfect baby name and start looking at those names that weren’t immediately thrown out.

It’s possible that another look at the Maybes will reveal one both of you can agree on.

Ask the Crowd

Do what Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer did and crowdsource the decision to your closest friends and family members.

Ask for baby name suggestions via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Consider turning the process into a contest. At the end, give the winner a special token of appreciation such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant or retail establishment.

Start Over

Throw out every single name you’ve ever uttered and start from scratch. This is extreme, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of calling your daughter Sarah, but your significant other loathes that name. Toss it. Maybe your significant other has always wanted to name his son after his own father and you just won’t have it. Toss it. Maybe at some point you’ve talked about the possibility of Henry, Janet, Justin, or Olivia. Toss them.

Just get rid of every name mentioned to date and make entirely new Yes, No and Maybe lists.

A fresh start can bring back the enthusiasm and joy of choosing a baby name.

baby name


If you’re brave, go for a hyphenated (double-barreled) first name. It might seem complicated but there are plenty of Mary-Annes and Lily-Mays out there.

If you each have a baby name you treasure, mash them together and be done with it.

Think Original

Create an entirely new name. Use the sounds and letters from names you both like or chop up and blend several names together to create something very unique and personal.

It’s your baby, your baby name, your chance to give your little one a memorable, beautiful name you’ll treasure


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