Activities for Toddlers When Mommy is Tired



As a mum, there are days when you simply can’t muster enough strength to play with your charming toddler.  It could be as a result of exhaustion or as a result of other commitments. Whatever it might be, you don’t have to always turn on the TV and hope for the best.  This piece takes a look at some activities you should try. Many of them are dependent on having cooperative slightly older children though!

Use Books on Tape

Load up on books on tape or CDs from your library. Relax whilst the reading is done to your children. You may get up to turn the pages every now and then though.

Play Bubbles

Kids will always love bubbles. You can relax on the couch and blow bubbles while the kids go chasing them around the house trying to pop them.

Organise Animal Races

Your toddlers will always want to move around the house. Give them an incentive to do so. Call out names of different animals and get the slightly older ones to pretend to be that animal by going back and forth. Your toddler will join in naturally!

Get Them Playing Bingo

Your toddler can’t play bingo obviously but getting the older children to play bingo games will surely catch their interest. You don’t even have to cut up bingo cards.  There are new bingo sites online. With many fresh gaming websites launched this year, you will have many kid friendly options to choose from. Pick one of these sites, fire up a session and hand over the iPad!

Play Doctor

This is the best one if you really need to spend some time alone on the couch. Just lie down and get the children to check you and be sure you are okay. However, you need to know how to play a good “patient” to keep them engrossed for a while. You could get up to half an hour of couch time if done properly.

Organise a Mini Dance Party

Just turn on fun music for the children and encourage them to dance around. They will get much needed exercise whilst you get some rest on the couch. Of course you may need to incentivise the dancing. You could keep some nice treats handy and promise it will go to the best dancer. Be sure to have spare treats to hand out if you don’t want the “losers” crying! Bring in a few neighbours if you want to help your children become more social.

With these simple but fun ways of keeping the children entertained whilst getting them some exercises, you don’t always have to leave everything to the television.


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