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Anne Metz is a freelance writer and mom of 4 (including a set of triplets!) She absolutely doesn't have her act together as a mom and loves sharing those stories with readers to encourage other moms and let them know they aren't alone! Follow her on Facebook at @4onceuponamom and check out more of her writing at

I Wish I Got To Be The Fun Parent

Last night I did the dishes while listening to stomping feet and giggles coming from upstairs. It’s the sound of bedtime at our house....

Why I Stopped Trying To Be Everything To My Kids

When I had my first child, my son, I was his everything. I was home full time with him and my life revolved around his...

I Won’t Apologize For Having A Big Family

Going out in public with my four kids sometimes feels overwhelming. First of all, we're a big family and that’s just a lot of...

We’ve Been Sick So Long, I Don’t Even Know What Day It Is

To my kids' doctor: We've been sick so long, I don't even know what day it is. First of all, let me say thank you...

How To Get Your Kid to Stop Talking about Fortnite (or Roblox or Minecraft)...

Parents, it’s time we talked about FORTNITE or whatever video game your child is currently obsessed with. Or rather, it’s time we get our...

Stop Telling Me I Look Tired

Almost every week, a mom at karate tells me, “Oh wow, you look tired. Rough week?” Seriously? Who just comes out and says that?...