Teen Films A Mom Plucking Chin Hairs In Her Car And Her Hilarious Response Goes Viral


Getting older is accompanied by some unpleasant aspects- like chin hair. What’s up with those wiry thick chin hairs that seen to sprout out of nowhere?? While we may dread certain aspects of aging, there is one major perk to it… we stop giving any F’s at all about what people think!

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With everyone toting an iPhone around these days, privacy seems virtually non-existent. Doing something awkward or embarrassing in public has a real risk of being caught on someone’s camera- and then shared with the entire world. 

If you get caught by a camera-toting teen, say, plucking a big ‘ole chin hair in your minivan, it’s quite possible that your parking lot plucking prowess may be the next viral video on Facebook.

Unless, of course, you beat the teen to the punch by sharing a brazen snapshot of YOURSELF in the act.

A mom shared a photo of herself, mid-pluck, accompanied with a description of why she does.not.care. that she was filmed by an apparently appalled teenager.

And the post has gone viral because it’s HILARIOUS!

Popular mom blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom was taking advantage of the ideal natural lighting in the front seat of her mom-mobile to rid herself of those pesky chin hairs that pop up out of nowhere.

Photo Credit: Mary Katherine Backstrom (Facebook)

If you’ve yet to have one of these, then bless your young heart; you haven’t lived long enough.

They grow in dark, and thick, and feel like a wire bolting out of your chin when you brush your finger across it. If you’re old enough to grow these weird chin hairs, then you’re old enough to know that carrying tweezers & using natural lighting is the best way to pluck them.

(And how do I know this? This is exactly how I roll, too!)

So MK grabbed her trusty tweezers & got to work, plucking away. Then she noticed HIM. The young dude who had his camera aimed her way, no doubt his jaw hanging open in shock & awe as he filmed away.

To the teenage boy in the Starbucks parking lot who just recorded me plucking my chin hairs…

You might imagine how you’d feel in the same situation.

If you’ve done something awkward & then realized you’ve not only been seen but filmed, it could strike fear in your heart. The unfortunate reality is that these days, anything you do in public is potential social media fodder.

But there’ll be no shaming Mary Katherine today by uploading this for the world to see, young dude. NOT TODAY, SIR. And why?? Because MK beat him to the punch and shared it herself. 

Yup, she got caught going to town on her chin fur. And she doesn’t give AF, baby!!

Photo Credit: Mary Katherine Backstrom (Facebook)

She then explains to her would-be shamer why she opted to share the photo publicly. There’s no shaming her, son, because:

1) I don’t care. I have no shame. And sorry, but I beat your upload to the punch. Muahaha.

She doesn’t HAVE any shame! If you’re a mom, then you know you lose your sense of shame real quick.

You’ve popped out a kid or two -putting your vajayjay on display for crowds of people, maybe even pooped while pushing. You’ve caught vomit in your bare hands, and worn a shirt laced with baby spit-up for days on end. You’ve endured your toddler loudly revealing your bathroom habits to strangers in stores.

Getting caught digging out a chin hair? That’s nothing, young pups.

2) I got that pesky black hair

If you’ve ever had one of these chin hairs & finally managed to snag it with your tweezers, you know what a sweet victory it is! They require a lot more arm strength than your average eyebrow hair, so it’s no easy task.

She points out that chin hair, like other inevitable aspects of getting older, is merely a fact of life. It’s not embarrassing, it’s just reality. And teen dude better get used to it, because:

3) This will happen to your future baby mama if you’re ever blessed enough to have one.

Oh, yes, dude. One minute you’re young, carefree, & shame-filming adults, but the next thing you know, you’ll be married to a woman who’s growing the very.same.hairs. It’s the circle of life.

MK reminded her peeping Tom that she was once young & carefree like him, too.

In fact, she was even the captain of her high school cheerleading squad. Yup. Even the cute cheerleaders evolve into chin-plucking minivan moms!

Youth is fleeting, and chin hair is in your future, kids. 

So just wait, little whipper snapper. Just wait.

While this teen may have thought he captured some award-winning, social media-shaming material, all he managed to film was a real woman being, well, REAL.

MK’s Facebook post has exploded in popularity, with over 34K likes and 9.3K shares since being posted on July 24.

When asked about the inspiration for her post, Backstrom explained that,

the upside of showing your chin whiskers (and things like that) is you suddenly find who your people are. What’s that saying “if you don’t love me at my goat hairs, you don’t deserve me at my best?”

TRUTH. Preach, Mk, preach!!

Being competitive in nature, she was happy to beat her voyeur to the punch by posting the “incident” herself. And she was happy to post her own vulnerable, real moment in order to remind others that there’s no shame in being real.

But one of the most important lessons to be learned from MK’s post is that although cameras & social media are an integral aspect of modern society, they should be used with respect and discretion.

Not everything needs to be documented, especially when it has the potential to hurt someone else who is unaware of being documented in the first place. Backstrom reminds all us that:

Folks need to stop treating fellow man like reality tv subjects and remember that we are all human beings with feelings of shame, embarrassment, and hurt. 

Mary Katherine’s post was delightfully humorous because it’s so refreshingly honest. We all have those awkward moments, but they’re simply part of the human condition. Taking the sting out of those moments is a wonderful way of disarming the potential harm of unnecessary social media shaming.

To the teenage boy in the Starbucks parking lot who just recorded me plucking my chin hairs…Here’s what you don’t…

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Wednesday, July 24, 2019







  1. OMG I am rolling i have the same pair of tweezers I used to tell my daughter(before she passed away at 21) , that my job for her (when i get into the nursing home) was to pluck my chin hairs!! She was to NOT shave me! I do not want to be the bearded lady in the old folks home LOL i have told my granddaughter (i have raised her since my daughter passed) that she has to be the one to pluck me…She said no way bearded lady LOLOLOL

  2. The first time a met my future husband’s 90 year old grandma she asked me to pluck her chin hairs. At 54 I understand it completely now.


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