Every Day Is The Same And I’m Over It.


I am over it.

I’m sooooooooo over it.

I’m over the kids being home all day, every day.


I’m over this work from home thing that means my husband and I never get a break from each other. I’m over home school lessons that are either busy work or too difficult I can’t even explain them to my child.

I’m over the sibling arguing, making 3 meals a day for 5 people, and cleaning… Always. Cleaning.

On a regular Monday, after a long weekend, I always feel a sense of relief at the kids getting on the bus. I get my house in order, do my grocery shopping, reset. My husband kisses me goodbye and we each wonder what the other is doing all day.

He comes home and I have dinner prepared and we chat about the day. It’s just NICE.

Sometimes he gets stuck attending a work dinner or he travels, and I put the kids to bed by myself and he calls me and we say, “I miss you.”

We never miss each other anymore.

Now, every day is the same. We’re all stuck in this house… all the time. When I get a tiny break in activity, I run to the market to get a week’s worth of groceries. I pop into Target for supplies. Then I hurry home to see what chaos has ensued in my absence.

The kids are so sick of me telling them what to do. It seems every argument sort of blurs into the next.

And the baby is bored. He’s over Sesame Street, our toys and walks. What I’d give to take him to a Mommy n Me class or the library or the playground. I’d even like to take him to the grocery store so he can wave at strangers and practice saying “Hi” to everyone with a huge grin.

And my “break” to run to the grocery store or Home Depot… depressing.

All those people in masks-the smiles are hidden. The secret art of communication completely vanquished with a mask. One blank face upon the next. Worried, hurried eyes wondering if you’re sick or getting too close.

I was buying a cake at Whole Foods for a friend’s baby shower and a man came rushing over, ripped off his mask and said, “Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!” I was so startled by the display of friendliness. I didn’t have the heart to correct him. He clearly was just as desperate as I am for human connection.

I miss my parents, my in-laws, my friends, my family. I miss girl’s nights out, date nights, movies.

It’s summer. I miss the parade and the parties, and the glorious feeling of hugging my huge extended family.

I’m so over this.

I am over it.I’m sooooooooo over it.I’m over the kids being home all day, every day. I’m over this work from home…

Posted by The Other Mom on Saturday, May 23, 2020


  1. Good luck with your move .think positive and God’s leading you to better things and places
    Christine Ziegler
    414 Parkview CT
    Mountain Home OD 83647

  2. 1000%. Too much to work-parent-teach-do all house chores all at the same time. I’m also saddened by trips out. But as we start to open up, I’m also nervous and unsure how to evaluate the odds. Our family is scratching each others eyes out. Kids fight for moms attention and I realize are much more privy to conversations about parenting and struggles that maybe they don’t need to hear. They feel themselves equal and weigh in where they shouldn’t. I’m never alone, someone is up early morning, someone is up late night. Every task I start is interrupted. So over it. And so worried that it (or its consequences) will never be over. 🙁


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