Every Family Has Their Thing


Every family has their “thing”.

Some families are rich as sin and sponsor all of the things and host all of the parties.


Some families have kids on the football team.

Some families raise geniuses who are writing cancer grants by the age of 16.

Some families have fifteen kids whose names begin with the same letter.

Some families have three year olds that play piano and can speak three languages.

Some families wear coordinated pajamas in their Christmas cards.

And you know what?

All of that is great.

Every family has their THING.

But whether or not your family has your “thing” figured out, I hope you’ll consider a small piece of advice:

Be the family that is generous.

Be the family that is humble and honest about the mistakes and shortcomings of your kids.

Be the family that can be happy for other children’s successes, and not feel the need to posture or force your kids to compete.

Be the family that loves one another and cares about doing the right thing.

Be the family who knows the name of the neighbor’s dog.

Be the family who cares about the world around them, and always leads with love.

Some families will raise valedictorians. Some will raise a homecoming queen. Very few families are raising D1 athletes. Even fewer will raise a rocket scientist.

But, oh, to raise the kids who treat strangers kindly. Who pick up stray pieces of trash. Who laugh loudly at the new kid’s jokes.

To raise the kids who share their chips with a hungry classmate. Who admit when they’ve made mistakes. Who lead with humility and grace.

Talent, wealth, beauty, and social graces are all well and good (I suppose).

But I believe with all of my heart that this world would be a better place if families stopped the comparison wars, if we set aside our competitive nature.

And if we chose to make LOVE and KINDNESS our thing.

Every family has their “thing”.Some families are rich as sin and sponsor all of the things and host all of the…

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Sunday, October 6, 2019


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