Facebook’s Most Hilarious Parents of the Week 6


As parents, you are the keepers of the hugs, the memories, and all too often, the pee. If the kids have thought of it, you’ve sanitized it. If we are really lucky, you posted about it on social media so we can laugh with you on Facebook’s Most Hilarious Parents of the Week.


You did not disappoint us, Parents! Whether you are deep in negotiations with pint-sized perpetrators or owning your own foul ups, the parents of Facebook are delivering the funny.

Check out my top ten list of Facebook LOL’s this week.


1. It’s basically a fire hose situation in there. (Stay Home Mama)

2. We do not negotiate with terrorists. (Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington)

3. Just burn it all down.  (The Mom Truth Bomb)

4. Productivity seems to have taken a slight hit. (Mama Needs A Nap)

5. When Mom’s away… Dad gets time out. (Where The Eff Is My Handbook)

6. You’ll always have something to talk about. (Mommy Owl by Lauren Lodder)

7.  But, otherwise, carry on.  (Julie Scagell, Writer

8. Sorry not sorry, Jamie Oliver. Life.  (Ripped Jeans and Bifocals by Jill Robbins)

9. David Copper-who? (Real American Dadass)

10. It’s a hard knock life.  (40 Wishes and Counting)

Thanks for the laughs, funny folks!




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