For This Company, Things Are Not So Fur-fect



See that image up there? That little image has been causing a butt load of controversy on TRESemme’s Facebook page. Personally, I was shocked when I saw the pic come through my news feed; not so much because of the content, but because I have no clue why in the hell I’m even following TRESemme. Are there little auto-follow gremlins that go around clicking “Like” buttons when you’re not looking? Oh, wait. It’s a sponsored post. Durr. I get things shoved in my face that I didn’t even ask for; yet my blog readers who have liked my page only see a small number of my posts because Facebook is a little crazy.

Now that I have that disclosure out of the way and you think I’m an ass, I’ll admit that I was indeed disgusted. I’m totally against wearing fur – simply killing things solely for their skins is indulgent and assholic. Unless it’s for complete and total survival, and you’re eating the meat, it’s gross. Wrong. And I don’t give a flippant shit which Elmer Fudd has a problem with my stance on this issue. You can kiss my non-furry hiney. Life should be sacred and not dismissed as fashion forward.

In defense of TRESemme, this was not a photo they endorsed. After being ripped apart like a Thanksgiving turkey, here is what they had to say:

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 6.59.45 PM

This leads us to the commentary and the “other” point of this post. Oh people, please. If you’re going to be outraged, please do so in a half-educated manner. If you’re going to comment on a pic like this, you have to do so using decent grammar and spelling. If you start going all some words in Italian, others in English using there instead of they’re and so on, you’re screwed. No one is going to take you seriously. Capiche?

It’s also very important to stay on topic. If someone is discussing blue underwear with stars on them, are you suddenly going to talk about how you blame the cook at Red Lobster for your car not starting earlier that morning? No. You are going to discuss blue underwear with stars on them or something in that ballpark.

And for the love of pearl, don’t comment if you don’t know the facts. That’s like sucking the helium out of a balloon and meeting the President.

Let’s break down some of the commentary, no names of course.

I will see that this page is shut down if that is real fur!!!!!!!! (1) No laws were broken. 2) Facebook owns you. Be gone.)

Uu lala I love that jacket nice I whant. Uno de eso yes si si. (Did you just say “you you” lala?)

Why is this even on my page????? I didn’t subscribe !!!!!! (I know, right!)

how many cats had to die to make this coat  (According to another outraged long luscious locks citizen, four. Four cats.)

no… your disgusting (No. YOU’RE disgusting. YOU ARE. Get it?)

When people were poor and settling this country they were happy to hunt and eat what they hunted, and wear the skins and use the pelts for survival. We are lucky to have synthetic fibers now. Personally, I’m allergic to fur, AND I have a pet chinchilla, but I have friends who hunt for food to save money. More and more people are turning to hunting as a means to feed their families. I can’t see raising the animals for fashion however. Wealthy people that could afford this jacket could also afford something else. (Educated! Thank you! Thank you!)

That better be faux fur if not where’s my red paint (Try looking next to your bottle of TRESemme hairspray.)

Well at least I know where my chinchillas went .. O_O (Cats! Four cats!)

I don’t care how many bunnies had to die that coat is awesome!! Ew. lose the coat and get a soul. (CATS!!! FOUR OF THEM!)

You don’t know for sure. I say NOT. Some think obama is great, I say NOT….and he has proved it! (WTF does Obama have to do with this? Stick to the topic!)

I’ve been using this product for over 10 Years and I’m proud to say my hair is a part of me that makes the person I am today….long black hair takes a lot of maintenance and I believe tresemme does wonders for me….I don’t care what she’s wearing, she ain’t paying my bills….. (Well aren’t we a self-centered princess. Long black hair is nothing but a drain clogger.)

LEARN TO SPELL!! You have made yourself look STUPID!! TRESemme is probably elated you won’t buy “their””disgusting” product! DUMBASS! JS…  (I LOVE you whoever you are!)

Follow me on instagram im tryin to get 2000 by friday (There’s always one in the bunch. Good effort!)


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