Hallmark Mother’s Day Video Is Going Viral Again Because It Makes Moms Feel Really Seen


As a mother of three kids all under the age of 10, I love the saying that everyday is Mother’s Day. Call me corny but that phrase helps me to lean into the toughest moments and soak it all up because my babies will be grown up soon.


It’s that exact bittersweet sentiment that is at the heart of a Hallmark commercial that is going viral again.

But before you watch, definitely take my advice and grab a tissue!

More than 3 million viewers have been taken on a two-minute emotional journey that walks us through a mother’s perspective as she watches her children grow from messy, exhausting toddlers to mysterious and frustrating tweens and teens all the way to adulthood and becoming parents themselves.

The narrator tells us exactly what is happening under the surface of what we are seeing.

“There will be a day when you hold them on your hip for the very last time,”

the narrator says.

“There will be a day when you’ve made your final bubble beard…(ok, this is when I started crying) a day when you will no longer be greeted like a hero or get the privilege of carrying them up to bed in your arms. Nothing can prepare you for these days.” 

Cue more tears.

And, then – the gut punch of the tween yelling at mom to get out of the bathroom while she showers, and the teens all but ignore her when she walks in the front door. 

“…a day when you will no longer be greeted like a hero.”

Ok. Now we’re sobbing. 

At the final stretch of the story, we see the mom holding her grandchild, her daughter by her side, and YES, A HALLMARK CARD, as the narrator says,

“just as nothing can prepare you for the day when they finally understand how much you love them.”

This video is hitting all the right chords and for good reason. 

Motherhood is many things but one of the most difficult to put into words is how much love a mother has even on the craziest, toughest, hardest days.

The threads of life and love that we connect with our children are strong but sometimes invisible and this commercial does a fabulous job at showing us how a mother’s love never fades. 

The video first went viral in 2019 but has been making the rounds once again because when mothers see it – well, we feel seen.

We suspect that this isn’t the last time that we’ll be seeing this incredibly emotional video with its poignant and timeless message that while motherhood can be messy and definitely complicated it’s also full of deep, unshakable love. 

And, knowing that someone understands what REAL motherhood looks like is priceless to mothers both young and old. 

At Mother's Day we're reminded that nothing can prepare you for the day your children grow up, just like nothing prepares you for the day they finally understand how much you love them. #CareEnough

Posted by Hallmark on Sunday, May 5, 2019


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