Husband Takes Photo Of His Wife Shoveling After A 12-Hour Hospital Shift, Hilarious Twitter Storm Ensues


Anyone who lives in the north resigns themselves to the fact that when winter hits, so does the snow. 


We accept that about eleventy-billion hours of our life will be spent shoveling. It’s fine. (This is a lie, I’m totally NOT fine with it. Curses to my ancestors who moved here instead of Tahiti.)

It snows, we shovel. This is the way.

And this is exactly what one woman did in Manitoba, Canada. She just so happened to do it AFTER working a 12-hour overnight hospital shift. And her husband has the picture to prove it. (We’re guessing by now he probably wishes he didn’t.)

A Canadian politician is getting ripped online after taking a photo of his wife shoveling the driveway after working a 12-hour nursing shift.

He posted the picture alongside a tweet, saying:

“Even after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the driveway. God bless her and all our frontliners. Time to make her some breakfast.”

Awww, bless.

Jon Reyes, an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) and Minister of Economic Development and Jobs from Winnipeg, Manitoba, took the picture of his wife early Saturday morning. 

Cynthia had just come home from working for 12 hours overnight. She is a registered nurse at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre hospital.

Needless to say, the snapshot unleashed a hilarious shitstorm of epic proportions. Twitter has feelings. A lot of them.

And I think it’s safe to say, this didn’t exactly go down the way Jon thought it would. 

People were understandably ticked that Jon didn’t, at the very least, go out and help his wife, who had just spent 12 HOURS working in a hospital, during a PANDEMIC mind you, and they didn’t hold back.

Since posting the tweet on Saturday morning, it has gone viral with over 45K likes, 27K retweets, and 17K comments.

What started as a tribute to his wife snowballed into an avalanche of jokes, memes, and “What in the actual hell, dude.”

Also this:

It even led to its very own mock Twitter account @WifeJon and a short-lived update of Jon’s bio on Wikipedia.

Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree with people making it crystal clear that they were NOT here for it. Like, AT ALL, with hilarious results. Be afraid Jon Reyes, be very afraid.

It’s one small step for shoveling, one giant leap to divorce court.

And one foot in the grave…


Prayers were sent…

As were shovels.

Others just came with questions, namely, WHAT was the breakfast of which Jon speaks? Pop-tarts perhaps?



Also, is Cynthia for hire?

Still other tweeters called for retributions to be made. 

And did some dragging of their own:

Throwing shade like a thousand-year-old oak tree:

Jon responded to all of the attention in a statement to the press, saying:

“My wife is amazing, both at home and at work. I’m eternally grateful for her and everything she does. I love her very much I’m happy that she is getting the worldwide recognition she deserves, and it serves as a reminder to everyone – especially me today – that we can never do enough to show our gratitude to healthcare workers.”

Cynthia also responded on her Twitter page @CynBReyes204, which contains all of one tweet. This one.

Which prompted one person to say what we’re allllll thinking, not only did the woman SHOVEL, but then she had to create a Twitter profile too. Bro. 

Oh wait, make that 2 tweets:

In all seriousness, Cynthia explains in her Facebook post that people have got it all wrong. She says that she did, in fact, WANT to shovel. She actually enjoys doing it. 

She states:

“As I pulled up to my driveway, I felt energy to shovel the snow that fell all night and into the morning.

As many Manitobans and Canadians know, it’s a great workout, it allowed me to unwind, it’s refreshing after having worn an N95 mask almost the entire night, the weather was mild and it was quiet and peaceful.”

She goes on to say that everyone in the family pitches in and shares different chores, “not based on any gender; but mostly on who is available to do it.”

She further states that it was “really not a big deal” and it’s just the way they roll – Jon loves cooking and she loves shoveling.

Cynthia concludes her post by saying:

Lastly, what was said by my husband on twitter was honest, genuine and sincere, this made me realize that I am grateful that he appreciates what I do and that he loves me and shows it publicly, this is nothing new.

I am proud that he is unapologetically himself. So NO as per Twitter I will not be divorcing him over shovelling as many have recommended.

(Still, Jon may want to forego getting her a new shovel for Valentine’s Day.)

There’s no denying that our healthcare workers deserve ALL the praise, pandemic or not. They put their hearts and souls into taking care of others and, based on the response to this tweet, it’s obvious that people feel like they should be taken care of too. (You might want to start by doing the shoveling.)

You can check out more of the hilarious tweets here.



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