How to Make Your Kid’s Halloween Green


We have officially entered into the season of pumpkin spice, apple picking and the exciting time of Halloween! While your kids are probably still debating about what they want to be for Halloween, we can all agree we want our kids to have the best Halloween possible. Something that’s equally as important as our children’s happiness is also taking care of the environment. With the health of mother earth being more important than ever, here are some opportunities to make your kids Halloween amazing but also as eco-friendly as possible!

Thrift For Their Costume:

We all know how expensive Halloween costumes can get. Along with cost, most of the costumes we buy for our kids we never see worn again, only creating further storage in our closet and participating in the waste issue our Earth is currently seeing. Once you find out what your kids want to be for Halloween this year, instead of hopping on the internet to find the best deal, look towards other more eco-friendly options instead. You’d be amazed at the kind of options you can find at your local salvation army or thrift store, not only in terms of price but also in terms of quality! If you’ve always had a talent for DIY-ing, go to your local craft store and instead make a costume for your kids in replacement of buying a brand new one.

Use Organic Makeup and Hair Color:

If your kids are planning on being something that requires makeup or a different hair color, send them in the direction of the more organic route. Organic products won’t only be healthier and more natural for your kids but involves less chemicals that can possibly harm the environment. If your kid’s costume requires a different hair color, consider skipping the wig and think about using an organic hair dye instead. Using an eco-friendly hair dye will not only create less waste but will also excite your kids about having a new hair color they’ll be dying to show off at school. The same can go for makeup. If your kid’s costume involves face paint, make sure you opt for an eco-friendly paint kit. Not only will this be better for the environment but a healthier alternative for your children’s skin.

Use a Reusable Bag for Trick-or-Treating:

One of the things that’s damaging our earth is the overuse of plastics. Instead of having your kids use plastic bags or molded plastic jack-o-lanterns for their trick-or-treating, have your kids use a pillowcase or a reusable tote bag. Not only will this be a good way to prevent further use of plastic but it will also leave you with less waste in the end!

Do Something With Your Kids Wrappers:

With waste being a huge factor in the Earth’s health, use Halloween as the perfect time to help reduce extra debris. This can be most easily done with your children’s candy wrappers. Instead of throwing your children’s empty candy wrappers in the trash, repurpose them for DIY crafts your kids will love. You can turn excess candy wrappers into origami, create a candy wrapper inspired purse, or even turn them into some stylish jewelry, nothing is off the table! If interested in doing a little DIY, check out some of these fun DIY projects made from candy wrappers for inspiration.


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