I’ll Miss Them Being Little But I Sure Won’t Miss The Mess


Fun fact: I cleaned my house yesterday.  Like spent a solid few hours cleaning my house. I did the tidying thing. The vacuuming thing. Heck, I even did the wiping the fingerprints off of every surface thing.


Things looked good yesterday night. Someone could “drop-in” and I wouldn’t be ashamed. My house was cozy and my mind was calm.

Man, does a clean house make my mind calm.

But then this morning the boys woke up in a needy mood. Which is meant we were going to be late for our morning plans. Which meant I would be rushing.

Which meant I wouldn’t be putting things away as I went.

Which also meant the boys would be tearing things apart as a way to express their frustration and get my attention. So, everything I did yesterday?

All those hours I put in? You wouldn’t even know.

I mean look at this. The diapers on the floor. The tree missing ornaments. The random pieces of cardboard and clothing scattered about. Not to mention the banana smooshed into the floor and milk spilled on the couch.

Anxiety. This is what my anxiety looks like in the physical form. This is what my mind looks like trying to keep up with everything on my plate.

Look, you can tell me that one day I won’t have little munchkins to clean up after. I get it. I cherish my moments. But this living in a constant state of chaos thing? It’s killing my nerves.

This constantly cleaning and stepping on toys and feeling like I’m always standing in the middle of the same mess drains me. My husband pulls his weight. I pull my weight.

We have bins and storage compartments and we tidy every. single. day. But we can’t keep up.

Not in this season of life. With two youngsters, ages two and ten months, we tend to find ourselves up to our elbows in stuff. Physical stuff, emotional stuff, financial stuff, just stuff.

And we try to purge and we try to maintain and we try to manage. But there never seems to be enough time. There always seems to be something else. There’s always stuff.

Quite honestly, this season of parenting looks a lot like my living room. It’s a lot of disorganized chaos. And every day I give my best and honest effort.

Some days it falls apart. Some days we keep it together. Some days it looks like actual humans live here rather than a village of monkeys.

Look, I get it. I get what you’re thinking and I know it, too. I’ll miss having my babies tiny.

But man, guys. I don’t think I’m gonna miss the mess.

Actually, I know I won’t miss the mess.

Because the mess sucks me dry.

It takes up my time and then creeps back up on me on the bad days.

It’s reflective of the days I simply can’t handle the chaos.

It’s my Achilles.

I can honestly, without a doubt say – I’ll miss my tiny munchkins rummaging on the floor but I sure as hell won’t miss the mess.

Fun fact: I cleaned my house yesterday.Like spent a solid few hours cleaning my house.I did the tidying thing.The…

Posted by Grown Up Glamour by Anneliese Lawton on Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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