IVF Due Date Calculators To Help You Plan Your IVF Pregnancy


Anyone who’s undergone IVF will tell you – it involves all the challenges of your typical pregnancy, plus an additional bajillion layers of challenge. Even something as seemingly simple as figuring out your due date is trickier when you’ve undergone IVF. But don’t worry — these IVF Due Date Calculators will help you do just that!


Most due date calculators require you to input the date of your last period and the length of your cycle. Then, bam, the calculator spits out a date.

Some even allow you to enter the date you think you conceived, for a slightly more specific due date calculation. (You can check out the boatload of online pregnancy calculators for moms-to-be here.)

But if you’ve undergone IVF, the standard calculators won’t give you the most accurate due date.

Allow me to explain with a brief biology overview.

Typical due date calculators assume the woman ovulates. Then, the sperm fertilizes her egg in the fallopian tubes. Finally, the fertilized egg travels to the uterus and implants.

With IVF, you’re essentially starting somewhere between steps 2 and 3.

IVF pregnancy

Fortunately, several online IVF due date calculators include these additional variables in their calculations.

Flo Health has a great IVF Due Date Calculator. Simply enter the date of your embryo transfer as well as the age of the embryo being implanted (3 days or 5 days).

It also provides additional instructions within your results for what to do if the embryo implanted is slightly older or younger than these two standard options.

Many private fertility practices and foundations offer IVF due date calculators on their websites.

Your IVF Journey offers a similar calculator with the same features. Your IVF Journey is a business that also offers fertility services, including IVF. Be aware of that if you decide to poke around their site further. Some women who’ve struggled to conceive are, understandably, tired of being constantly targeted for marketing and services.

Blue Sky Fertility has an IVF due date calculator that allows you to choose your method of conception. Thus, you can use this calculator for pregnancies conceived naturally in addition to IVF. For IVF, you can calculate your due date based on the date of the initial egg retrieval, the 3-day embryo transfer, or a 5-day embryo transfer.

Blue Sky is a medical provider based out of Kansas City, but anyone can use the calculator portion of their website.

You can also use a calculator unaffiliated with a specific medical provider or business.

If that’s your preference, What to Expect’s IVF due date calculator may be a great fit. Like Blue Sky, you can use their standard due date calculator. From the drop-down menu provided under “Calculation Method,” simply select “IVF.”

At that point, you can enter the necessary information to calculate your IVF due date using the date of transfer for a 3-day or 5-day embryo.

IVF is a stressful process, without a doubt, but calculating your due date with these IVF due date calculators should be a snap!


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