Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Breathe & Reflect, It’s the Holidays


Welcome back to our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party! Okay. It’s almost Christmas. There’s still so much to do, but let’s take a moment to just…breathe. 1, 2, 3…Feels good, doesn’t it? This is the time to regroup, get what we can done, and just accept what we cannot. It’s also a great time to reflect on the year. What did you accomplish that you never thought you would? Did you travel somewhere that you’ll never forget? Please take a moment to link up your favorite posts from 2013 or keep it festive with holiday recipes, stories, and more. We’re just so glad you stopped by! May you have the merriest Christmas ever and a wonderful (and safe) New Year!

Once again, here are my talented and dedicated co-hosts:

Michelle from:


Angela from:

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Tamara from:

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Kristen from:


This week we are also welcoming back a very special co-host, Amber from City Girl on Hicks Farm. Please make sure to bookmark or RSS feed their blogs and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and so on. They faithfully return the favor!

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Let’s get started! Have fun and visit the links below. We ask that you try to visit at least three. Remember to leave a thoughtful comment on the new blogs you’ve discovered and let them know you’re visiting from the Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party! Feel free to pin your blog post to the Ladies Only Blog Share Pinterest board, too! In the URL field, place the link to your post. The name field should contain the title of your post. And if you’d like to co-host a future link party, give me a shout at mommifried @ (no spaces).

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