Michelle Obama, An Exemplary First Mom or “Mom in Chief”


Despite my feelings on politics and non-existent thoughts on our current President, I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Michelle Obama. She has been a quiet force, working diligently behind the scenes and somehow single-handedly managing to shield her daughters from the public eye in ways that First Moms before her could never do. For that achievement alone, I commend her.

Last night, the self-proclaimed “mom in chief” gave an inspirational speech at the Democratic National Convention 2012 in support of her husband. She encouraged patience and understanding as we work together to revive our economy and get the heart pumping again in our nation. She did what any mom would do – she used the age-old art of persuasion, speaking to her “children” in a warm, positive, “I will do everything in my power to see this through” manner. I believe if it were within her reach, she would do anything to help her country. Unfortunately, unlike everyday tasks of helping a child to get better grades or making sure they are to bed at a decent hour, repairing a nation with the debt the size of a small planet is not within her reach or control. It’s not even within her husband’s reach should he be re-elected as President of the United States. This type of “damage” will take years upon years to undo. Somewhere inside, our mom in chief knows this, yet she remains strong, poised and supportive. Again, it’s what any mom would do.

For me, one of the highlights of her speech was not in something she said, rather it was something she didn’t say or even touch upon. Not once did she resort to the familiar political flogging done through public insults and commentary; where one “opponent” lashes out at the other in what appears to be an ongoing verbal war. Last night, Michelle Obama chose the high road. And for that, she emerged the winner, even if the prize was simply earning the respect and trust of her “children”. To me, that is a win for any mom.

So today, let’s reflect upon great moms everywhere – the sacrifices that they make, the love that they give and the hope that they somehow never lose. Our First Mom is leading by example, we should do the same.


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