Mom Does “Morning Announcements” For High School Son’s Virtual School & It’s Hilarious


If your kid has done any kind of virtual learning, then you know just how weird the whole process can be. First of all, it means that your child is home doing school… when they used to actually go TO the school to do school. All day. Which was way cooler, obviously- for both us and them.


Obviously virtual learning can feel a helluva lot different than the real thing- it takes most of the fun parts out a typical school day. But at least we parents can preserve SOME parts of the standard school day, apparently…

One mom was determined to give her high school son as authentic a high school experience as she could, & her daily (virtual) “morning announcements” video has gone viral because it’s hilarious.

Like many of our kids, mom Deb Plafker’s 17-year-old son Max’s senior year consists of virtual learning. Because it’s easier to laugh than to cry, Deb decided to make the best of the crappy situation by making it fun for Max.

(Well, maybe not so much fun for Max, but TONS of fun for mom Deb. And Max’s older sister, Jamie. And for us.)

Deb has been starting each day of Max’s virtual learning exactly as it would begin at his high school, complete with recitation of “morning announcements” that she -loudly & cheerfully- broadcasts daily via their home intercom system.

Max might be wishing he was in a different “HOMEroom”, but social media is loving it.

Deb opened the 2020 (home) school year with these rousing words:

Welcome student, to the first day of online school. This is your principal, Mom. Just a reminder: lunch today is… whatever you make yourself!

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

And just in case that announcement wasn’t entertaining enough for Max, Principal Mom threw in quick inspirational:

And just remember…


“We’re all in this together!”

And as you can imagine, Max was obviously thrilled. Or not so much… but Jamie was thrilled to capture his reaction on camera, & posted it to her TikTok account.


Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

The only thing funnier than tormenting your teen with morning announcements on his first day of virtual learning is tormenting him with them.

So of course, Day 1 was followed by an even funnier Day 2:

Good morning, student- it’s Principal Mom. Announcements: your drama class has been cancelled, because with your sister living here, there’s enough drama in this house already.


In keeping with school routine, Principal Mom begins the school day with a good old fashioned dose of patriotism:

Now please rise for our National Anthem…

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

*cue the sounds of Principal Mom singing “Baby Shark”, complete with all the doo-doo-doodoodoodoos for Max to have a zippity-doo-dah day.*

By Day 3, Deb amped up her game; instead of making her own chime noise to introduce her announcements, she hooked herself up with an xylophone.

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

We’ve even got a Pledge of Allegiance going. Not THE Pledge of Allegiance, mind you, but Deb’s own special blend:

I pledge allegiance to my computer, to all my online classes, & to Principal Mom and all her rules. One house, under ME, indivisible, with iced coffee, and TikTok for all…

…and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Safety in online school is still of course paramount, so by Day 4 Principal Mom announces that there will be a fire drill, complete with an authentic fire alarm wailing, compliments of  Deb’s iPhone, because why the hell not?

And while Max is clearly not amused, he at least ensures that the family dog is adhering to (online) school fire code standards:

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

(And yes, he really did actually exit the room to follow the fire drill directions, obeying his mother -sorry, Principal’s– instructions to stay in  “single file lines…. single file lines!”)

Deb even ensures that her own “school” has fun things like Spirit Days, and what better way to drum up some school spirit than to do a Crazy Hat Day??

Today is our first Spirit Day; it’s Crazy Hat Day! I’ll be going around to all the rooms (in the house) to give out a Best-Dressed award…

(No, seriously.)

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

Because… we’ve got spirit- yes we do! We’ve got spirit- how about YOU?

And guessed who snagged the Best-Dressed award?

Yup. You guessed it:

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

And just to be clear, Principal Mom runs a tight ship. There’s no rule breaking in HER hallowed halls of learning- she’s always monitoring her student’s classroom behavior:

Due to last month’s “almost” suspension when I caught you on the phone with Jake during math class, I just want you to know that I’m always watching you.

Principal Mom is watching. Always. Or at least her drone is always watching you, Max.

Lest you think that Deb’s (virtual) school morning announcement routine might peak after the first week of school, let me assure you that over a month in, she’s still going STRONG.

And so are her number of TikTok fans; as of October 2, their TikTok school videos have over 1.7 million likes, & 65.8K followers.

Virtual learning is difficult to say the least. Humor goes a long way in softening the sharp edges of a tough school year for our kids, & Deb’s funny approach to her son’s (online) school days shines a refreshing light on the fresh hell that is virtual learning.

And if you’re wondering how just how Max is feeling about his mother’s pranks, well, turns out the student has become the teacher. (Or in this case, principal.)

As it turns out, Max has inherited his mom’s sense of humor… and her prowess with an intercom:

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)

Good morning, Principal Mom! This is your student- please wake up. Now.

*cue the iPhone siren alarm*

Photo Credit: @jplaf (TikTok)



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