Newlywed Game Questions That’ll Have You Wondering Who You Just Married


I’ll admit it. I love to rapid-fire my spouse with questions about his life before me. We’ve been together 15+ years, and I still find out new answers. BUT . . . if I’d had this list of newlywed game questions to ask him from the get-go, I have a feeling some of these questions in my brain would have been answered years ago. 


Don’t get me wrong — I still love finding out new things about him, but some of the times, I’m really at odds at how I’m just learning some of these fun facts this late in our relationship.  

If you want to pick your partner’s brain to find out all the past, present, and future answers, this list of newlywed questions is a must. 

Newlywed Game Questions That’ll Have You Wondering Who You Just Married

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These fun questions are the perfect blend of how well your spouse knows you and what you want to know about their life.

  1. What was I wearing on our first date?
  2. How many texts did we send to each other the first night after meeting?
  3. When did we say “I love you”?
  4. What is my favorite place that we’ve ever dined?
  5. What food will I never eat?
  6. How many boyfriends/girlfriends did I have before you?
  7. What would be my idea of the perfect date?
  8. What is my favorite junk food?
  9. Who spends the most money?
  10. What is my “tell” for when I’m angry?
  11. How long did we date before we got engaged?
  12. What is the most expensive gift you ever gave me? 
  13. What do you think is my favorite thing about you? 
  14. How many kids am I hoping to have?
  15. What type of house do I want to buy? 
  16. What time of day did we get married?
  17. What was the favorite wedding gift that we received? 
  18. What is my favorite movie?
  19. What is my favorite concert that I went to growing up?
  20. Where do I wish we went on our honeymoon?
  21. Is there anyone that I didn’t want to invite to our wedding?
  22. How old were you when you had your first kiss? 
  23. What was the advice your mom gave you about marrying me? 
  24. What do I complain about most?
  25. What is the thing I’m addicted to and can’t live without?

As you can see, I like to sprinkle in some rapid-fire questions about us and then some things I want to know about the future. Nosy? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be curious.

What I love about asking questions to your better half is that it’s just a way to keep the lines of communication open. Don’t get pissy if they don’t know the answer or answer wrong, as that does nothing but create doubt and anxiety for the next time.

Use these questions as a guide to get the flow going and then have fun with it.

You can add silly questions, naughty questions, or anything else you think would be fun! It’s your personal list of questions, so make it your own. 


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