OCD Mom Coping Skill: Declare a “Me” Space


I’ve talked about the challenges of being a mom with OCD. One of the most difficult aspects of balancing parenting with OCD is handling the endless number of messes our children make.

Kids need to be kids. They space to explore and create.


Most OCD moms accept this, but inside we still grapple with the reality that we don’t want the messes to exist or our houses to become unorganized living quarters.

One way to cope with the mess and clutter is to declare a “me” space – a space that is yours and yours alone.

This might be a quiet corner of your living room or a spare bedroom that you modify into a mini-library. The goal of this space/room is for it to be a sanctuary; a place that is off limits to those who might otherwise turn it into a demolition area.

Set it up and maintain it to your specifications. And do not give in. Keep this me-only. You are not being mean. You are not being unfair. You are using one of many OCD coping skills that can help you through a bad day or moment.

When things become chaotic and the messes start building up around you, escape to your me space for a little while.

Feel the tension and stress flow out of you as you are surrounded by a space that is clean, organized and peaceful. In the summers, my me space has always been right in the middle of a garden next to Atlas. Take a peek:

560870_10151066400449235_1860212073_nI also like to escape to a corner of the family room where there is a rugged rocker, plants and lots of light. It is a place where I can catch my breath, slow my mind down and just enjoy a few minutes of solitude.

Do you have a me space? Please share your story in the comments below.


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