Pitter-Patter Go Little Feet, She Is My Heart



Pitter-patter go little feet as she runs up behind me. Her arms wrapped tightly around my legs, the soft giggles begin. I reach back and gently grab her wrists, growling loudly like a bear. “GRRRRRRRR! I’ll get you, Alessandra!” The giggles turn to laughter as I feel her collapse to the floor. Bent down, I softly kiss her forehead, taking in each smile and loving gaze from her eyes. She is my heart.

Wild hair, big blue eyes, every step she takes is a blossom of independence. Selfishly, I’d like to hold her back, to keep the little person with me always. But she keeps running forward. Step after step. Pitter-patter go little feet. She is my heart.


She sees me folding laundry, piles of clothes scattered here and there. Pitter-patter go little feet. Launching herself forward, she tumbles down into the mountain of clothes. Up pops her head, smile so brightly. Here come the giggles again. I tickle her chin, laughing. She is my heart.

I wonder how long I have before the pitter-patter turns into footsteps. Months? Days? However long is not long enough. She knows I’m thinking, lost in the moment. Pulling herself closer to me, her breath is hot on my nose. It brings me back to the present, to her sitting on my lap, goofy stare just centimeters from my face. Before I know it, she is off running again. Pitter-patter go little feet. She is my heart.

That night I dream. A beautiful woman dressed in white walks down the aisle. She is radiant and content. Wiping tears from my eyes, I suddenly hear a familiar sound. Pitter-patter go little feet. That beautiful woman is my little girl. She is my heart.


I will hang on for as long as I can, cherishing every sound, every smile, every moment. But for now, it’s quiet. Too quiet. Where did she go? I call her name, “Alessandra!” Silence. Again I yell her name, “Alessandra Rayne!” This time soft giggles reply. She is hiding. I run into the bedroom and bury myself under the covers. She knows and the search begins. Pitter-patter go little feet. She is my heart.



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