Somehow a Lice Company Created the Funniest Ads on TV and We’re Totally Here For It

If you’re watching TV and suddenly a grown man in a lice costume pops on your screen you’d be correct to say ‘what fresh hell was that’ but then you’d realize it’s part of LiceFreee!’s back to school campaign starring their, I guess you could call him a..err.. mascot, Super Lice Man.

LiceFreee! is creating some of the funniest campaigns we’ve ever seen. 

If you haven’t been following the chronicles of Super Lice Man you’re missing out on a dark corner of the internet where brands have been free to play and have birthed some of weirdest and funniest campaigns we’ve ever seen. 
Check out Super Lice Man’s original parody “All By Myself” where he croons about the kids being out of school.
And just this week he posted his latest ad – an epic training montage where he’s getting ready for the kids to come back to school – which includes dodging LiceFreee!
Spray ala Matrix style, jumping from hair strand to hair strand, and sucking a gallon of molasses.

We actually did a spit take from that clip. Seriously who comes up with this stuff?



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According to Courtney Pouliot, Marketing Manager at LiceFreee!, it came from a serendipitous meeting at a blogger conference.

“We were approached by an influencer, Whitney Cicero from @TheNewStepford, who had recently gotten lice from her daughter and had made a music parody. She showed it to us and asked if she could start making content for LiceFreee! Thankfully we said yes and Super Lice Man was born.”

As a mother of two, Cicero has had a few bouts of lice to draw inspiration from.
“Doing a lice campaign is challenging, it’s not funny, it’s gross, it’s not sexy. But then I thought…..wait…..what if we made lice sexy. Like gave it a spokesman something akin to “the sexiest louse in the world”.
She hired her comedian friend Johnno Wilson, “I needed the right amount of hot and funny and Johnno has that in abundance.” 
The campaign has been a huge success. 
He was so popular they gave him his own Instagram and account @SuperLiceMan.

The channel is fever dream of weird, heartfelt and funny.

A rabbithole of sketch comedy where you can tell Wilson is having a blast. And it’s not overly produced which adds to its charm. Plus Super Lice Man only follows one other account….I’ll let you find that out for yourself. He also just joined Tik Tok (as louse do).
Great job LiceFreee! You did what no one thought was possible – you made lice something we can almost look forward to.


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