The 6 Best Baby Shower Gifts For Expecting Parents


Courtesy of the pandemic, people worldwide are stuck in their homes, unable to participate & celebrate happy occasions like baby showers. However, we should never let anything come between us and celebrating love. 


Even while locked up at home, we can easily host and participate in virtual baby showers for our pregnant friends.

And thanks to home delivery, we can even send thoughtful presents like bath accessories, baby diapers, and more to the soon-to-be mother.

So if you are hoping to send your friend a thoughtful present for their baby shower, here are some of the best shower gift ideas to choose from. 

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is an incredibly thoughtful gift for a soon-to-be parent. Prior to the pandemic, parents could rely on visiting friends and relatives to help watch the baby.

With the no-visitor situation of the pandemic, parents have to keep an eye on their babies continuously. In such a scenario, a baby carrier is handy. Parents will be able to do all the household chores while keeping their baby close at all times.

So get hold of a good-quality, comfortable, durable, and supportive carrier so that both the baby and the parent stay comfortable while using it. 

mom cuddling baby in carrier

Baby Book

If your friend is someone who loves to click photographs to document every significant moment of their life, a baby book might be the best choice of gift for them.

This way, they can click pictures and document their journey of parenthood from being pregnant to the baby’s birth and beyond. The baby book can become something they can look at later and relive the rollercoaster journey of becoming new parents!

Meal Kit Delivery Subscription

Your pregnant friend will not be able to cook every day, and on most days, even their spouse might feel drained out. They will also be unable to step out during the pandemic to get outside food. 

So choose a healthy yet renowned restaurant near their home and get them a meal kit delivery subscription. Giving them a meal kit delivery subscription can be a blessing for the soon-to-be parents. 

Grocery Package

Get your friend a grocery package filled with their favorite fruit juices, cereals, ice cream, and other snacks. Not only will your gift stand out from the rest, but it will also be super valuable for them and their family.

You can ask their spouse beforehand regarding their usual shopping list. It will give you a better idea of which snacks and brands they prefer.

Supply Of Milk or Diapers

Trust us when we say that the first few months of your friend’s life will be filled with baby diapers and milk formula cans. So you can help them out by getting a number of milk or diaper packs.

This way, they will have a good stock of baby diapers & milk before the baby arrives, and they will be saved from going out and buying milk or diapers for a long time. 

Bath Accessories

Being pregnant is a beautiful feeling. But more often than not, it leaves the mother feeling uncomfortable and incredibly stressed, especially when one is stuck in quarantine.

Having a relaxing bath every week can be very beneficial for the physical and mental health of the soon-to-be mother. 

multi-colored bath bombs
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So gift a set of relaxing and aesthetic bath accessories such as hydrating face masks, soft bath pillows, eucalyptus-scented candles, aesthetic bath bombs, or bath salts. This will give an incredible bath experience every month, leaving her happy, satisfied, and utterly relaxed. 


All the best! The main idea of giving a baby shower gift is to find something beneficial for the soon-to-be-mother. We guarantee that all the gifts mentioned above, like groceries and baby diapers, will be helpful for her new journey.

So visit your nearest retail shop or online store and start assembling the best baby shower gift for your friend. 

***Author Bio: Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter is a Ph.D holder and a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, life coach, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and author. Dr. Sharon has also worked as a marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, corporate training and development manager, and career counselor. Through her Clinical Psychology background as well as Management background, she brings a unique blend of experience which has enabled her to develop mindful natural products that are eco-friendly, and help people lead less stressful healthier lives, within the baby and sun care market.


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