The Pros and Cons of Distance Education


Dana – we could slightly update this post with verbiage about the Delta variant and parents in some states making the decision to choose distance learning again? Thanks! 

We continue to pilot our new way of living amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and for many families, this includes adjusting to remote learning.

As more schools have put restrictions on the number of students and teachers allowed within school buildings, parents have now taken on the role of playing a larger part in their child’s education.

Although distance learning brings new challenges and adjustments, there are also many exciting advantages to this education style. Here are a few of the pros and cons of distance education and what to expect when schooling from home.

Pro: Flexibility in schedule

Each school has its own plan and procedures in place for handling this abrupt distance learning situation. Whether this means your child will need to attend virtual classes or utilize online learning software, remote learning offers one major advantage—flexibility. While traditional school days involve rigid structure, school from home means that your student has the ability to spend a little extra time on an assignment or topic they are struggling with or more interested in at their own pace. Have an open conversation with your children and their teachers to check-in and make sure that they have the tools they need to succeed.

Con: Blue light exposure

Due to the restriction of in-person teaching instruction, children now must rely on technological tools and digital devices for their education. While these advancements certainly have many benefits, it unfortunately also means that your child is more exposed to harmful blue light rays from computers and television screens. These rays cause digital eye strain and can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. To combat these harmful effects and keep your child’s eyes fresh, learn more about blue light blocking glasses as a helpful resource during your child’s remote school day.

Pro: Character development

Many factors play into what makes a good student, and having class from home may provide your child with the opportunity to develop stronger skills on their own. Take time management, for example. Students now need to hold themselves accountable to complete assignments in this new setting, which can establish a core appreciation for their education. Similarly, for students less likely to speak up in the classroom, virtual classes can provide your child with the chance to feel comfortable and confident to participate and voice their opinions.

Con: Distractions

If you have been forced to work from home yourself, then you can probably understand the distractions this has on your own focus to complete work. For children, factors such as other siblings, pets, and phones all contribute to the distractions associated with distance learning. Implementing a consistent schedule, utilizing online learning resources, and creating a productive environment with a classroom-like feel can promote productivity and ease the learning from home adjustment.

Pro: More face time with your children

At the end of the day, one of the biggest takeaways is that you ultimately will get to spend unprecedented time with your children. Regardless of some of the challenges you must overcome, remember that this opportunity grants you new opportunities to make lasting memories and grow as a family.


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