Where does time go when you’re a mom?


where does time go

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I realize the day has completely flown by. It seems just a few hours ago it was 5:15 am and Aless, our human rooster, was letting us know it was time to get up. Precisely 14 hours has passed since then, and I’m trying to remember where it all went. I suppose 80 percent of every minute is attributed to taking care of Aless – any infant/baby/toddler for that matter – which is a huge chunk of time. In fact, there are 840 minutes in 14 hours. Less approximately two hours of nap time (it was not a sleepy day) Aless time accounted for 576 of those 840 minutes. WHOA! This means I had 264 minutes or approximately 4.4 hours in those 14 hours to do other “stuff” like eat, shop for a few necessities online, clean the house, work on side projects, obsess over my email on the weekend and write this blog post. Since I now take 5-10 minute showers and rarely have time to “do” my hair, I won’t even include this in the equation. Moms have very little “me” time.

I’m thinking one of those fancy infographics is in order, to show just how much time is involved in being a mom. Maybe it will serve as a PSA or new form of birth control. 🙂

So let me ask you…

Where does time go when you’re a mom?


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