Your Photos On Wood Will Look Terrific! It’s Woodific!



My daughter, Alessandra, recently had to have some dental surgery in the hospital and under anesthesia. I was a nervous basket case, to say the least. I knew she would be in good hands, but sometimes you just never know. Watching her being wheeled into the operating room and away from us sent the tears flowing. Of course, she made it through like a trooper. I think we were more traumatized than she ever was. Which was why it was such a wonderful surprise to pick up the mail on the way home and find a beautiful picture of her imprinted onto wood. The tears flowed yet again!

Here’s a pic:


The product is from Woodific. They provide a creative new service of turning personal photo memories into beautiful artwork on wood. And I have to say, they’re one-of-a-kind and beautiful. In addition to the artwork of my daughter, they also imprinted my blog logo onto wood:


I just LOVE it! They are meant to hang on a wall or display on little wooden easels that are also included. Since we’ll be moving soon, we haven’t put them on display just yet. I can’t wait to hang the one of our daughter in the living room. My logo will definitely go in the office.

They have so many wonderful gift ideas, perfect for Mother’s Day (which is coming up soon), birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Any special occasion can be commemorated with a collage of your favorite quotes and pictures right on the same high quality piece of wood.  Every board they use is handpicked and from the United States. Pictures always make great gifts, but Woodific takes it one step further.

They also make great decor pieces! I plan on having my favorite Edgar Allan Poe quotes added to a few very soon. Just think of the possibilities?

I encourage you to check them out! You can also follow Woodific on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Disclosure: Other than the two promotional items, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions expressed are my own.


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