15 Funny Tweets About What Married Sex Is Like


While you’re dating, sex is typically at the top of the list of “things we love to do together!”.  You’ve got the major hots for your partner, everything feels new & exciting, and you can’t seem to get enough of each other.


While dating, the desire for sex often trumps other pleasures, such as eating, sleeping, etc. 

Fast forward to married life… sometimes things change.

It’s not that you’ve lost your chemistry by any means- married life just brings lots of other distractions to your relationship. With bills to pay, kids to raise, your sex life can sometimes take a backseat when you’re juggling all.the.things. 

The married folks of Twitter have plenty to say about how their sex lives are going; laugh along as we check out the realities of what “the wild thing” is like after the wedding!

  1. Some people worry that getting married will dull their sex life. Maybe they’re right?

2. Once you’re married, being sexually spontaneous just requires more… planning.

3. Sometimes you miss the excitement of dating sex- no, not like that, though.

4. Your sex life can get a little stale if you let it. But at least you’ve exercising your- mind?

5. Sometimes you just need to get the job done, quickly. But not TOO quickly!

6. Or you can skip it altogether that day. Thanks anyway, buddy!

7. But married sex CAN be exciting; the mere mention of it can get a person’s heart beating faster (as he/she hustles out the door).

8. You can still keep the passion flowing with some persistence…

9. It just requires a little more effort, to show your partner you’re still sexy AF.

10. Watching TV together can get you in the mood- and nothing gets married peeps in the mood quicker than bonding over the unrealistic house dreams of other couples.

11. Trying new sexual positions can add a much-needed SPARK to a marriage.

12. Role-playing can be exciting, too. Rawr!

13. Taking a vacation together is ideal for getting away from it all (& getting it over with).

14. But with some planning, sex at home can still be awesome. And a nap afterward makes it even more awesome.

15. And sometimes, just sleeping together -actually sleeping– can be enough. That’s if you manage to find the strength to end up lying down in the same room, of course. #marriagegoals

The frequency of your sex life can ebb & flow depending on your current stage of life, but you’ve got lots of time to figure out what works best for you & your spouse. 


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