20 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Life With Insomnia Perfectly


I am a tired mom by day and a super tired mom who still can’t fall the eff to sleep by night.

Because, along with 30 to 50% of other Americans, I am affected by this terrible, awful thing called Insomnia.


Every night, after putting my kids to bed, I curl up next to my sleeping husband and lie wide awake. My body is saying, “Go to sleep!” but my overactive brain is saying, “Let’s imagine a bunch of worst-case-scenarios and replay them, over and over again, until the sun comes up, k?”

Insomnia sucks, y’all. It really does. 

Luckily, the parents of Twitter are here to remind us that a lot of us have sleep challenges and that, sometimes, laughter really does make the best medicine. 

1. Insomnia love to “pop on by”.

2. It’s got great timing- like when you’re finally ready to relax.

3. At least my insomnia gives me time to think about every bad decision I’ve ever made ever.

4. And to over-analyze everything I’ve ever said.

5. And my insomnia and anxiety get to spend some time together.

6. That extra meal I get in the middle of the night is pretty cool. 

7. I have all sorts of time to read and play with my phone and stress about not falling asleep.

8. The hypothetical situations are a nice touch. Thanks, insomnia. 

9. It would be nice if my family appreciated all this work.

10. And if they never ever mentioned how much sleep they get, that’d be great.

11. Especially since I will be tired all day.

12. Most of the things coming out of my mouth will be nonsensical. 

13. And I might be a wee bit bitter at all those well-rested people. 

14. Because this is how I will look today.

15. Pretty sure the bags under my eyes have bags of their own.

16. How many more hours until bedtime? CAN’T WAIT.

17. Maybe I’ll sneak a nap in.

18. Or discover a time machine.

19. Tonight I’ll try to get to bed earlier. 

20. If only I can stay asleep.

Here’s hoping I actually fall asleep and stay asleep tonight.  




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