8 Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]


Even though we know that STEM subjects are the foundational subjects of the modern world, they are still subjects that can be easily ignored by children, and even well-meaning parents. But some of that ignorance can be attributed to the disconnect between the learning of STEM subjects and real-world application of that knowledge.

It goes without saying that STEM knowledge is vital in so many different ways, but if that message isn’t getting through, or isn’t getting through in an exciting enough way then we may be failing children.

Today we focus on just one of the STEM subjects, science. We believe that, even above the other STEM subjects that science is imperative to children’s short and long-term development.

Basic scientific method dictates that phenomena is investigated and new knowledge is acquired that either corrects or improves upon previous knowledge.

And that basic evidence-based philosophy is a healthy practice that cuts through modern day exaggerations and overstatements that can teach us all to take a rational approach. To learn more about why we think ‘kids should science more’ check out this new infographic created by psysci:


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