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Britt works in the realm of social media and the nonprofit sector. She is a married mother of two boys from upstate NY. In her free time, she likes to take naps with her cats, dream of vacations to the British Isles and look up useless historical facts. You can also find her on Medium.

I Want My Special Needs Kid To Find His People

Looking through the lens as a parent of a child with special needs makes you look at the world totally different than you did...

Just Because My House Is Always Clean, Doesn’t Mean I’m Ignoring My Kids

Moms get it from all ends don’t we? If you work then you are a bad mom for not spending those early years with...

Lawnmower Parents Are Ruining It For The Rest Of Us

I'm no parenting expert by any means, but I really need to get something off my chest once and for all... You lawnmower parents are...

Swearing Reduces Stress And Makes Me A Better Parent

Parenting is hard. If you are reading this, then you likely are a parent and are thinking to yourself, “Duh lady..tell me something I...

To The Nosey Stranger Tempted To Judge My Parenting – Zip it.

My sister was recently at the county fair with her two kids – her daughter age 13 and her son age 3. She asked...

Calm Down And Have A Simple Baby Shower

Arguably one of the best perks of having a NEW BABY is the special event known as the baby shower. I mean who doesn’t...

I Pawn My Kids Off Whenever I Get The Chance

“I never let anyone else watch my kids. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving them with anyone besides me or my husband,” says my irksome...

I Used To Be Cool, But I Don’t Miss It

I used to be cool. I used to be able to go out any night of the week, get up and go to school...

5 Ways I’ve Changed Now That I’m A SAHM That I Don’t Love

Before my husband and I decided that I was going to be a stay-at-home mom I had a few ideas that ran through my...