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Working from Home is Not a “Luxury”

Like millions of people around the world, I have successfully worked from home for many years – since 1998 to be exact. As a...

8 Things I Love About Being an Older Mom

I love being a middle-aged older mom. Even though my energy level is less than it was years ago, I feel like I’m in...

10 Ways To Bond With Your Daughter

Being a mom can be a great experience, especially when you have daughters. But how do you bond with your daughter? First, think about what...

Here’s Why You Should Be Spending Time Alone

Women wear so many different proverbial hats, it’s sometimes impossible to keep track of them all. Some of us are mothers, daughters, employees, friends,...

Do You Have A Permissive Parenting Style? Here’s How You Know.

In the world of raising kiddos, there are various parenting styles that we tend to gravitate toward, whether intentional or not. Permissive parenting is...

11 Murphy’s Laws of Toddlers

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” said the infamous Murphy. He (whoever he was or is fabled to be) must have time traveled...

Things I Don’t Want My Daughter Growing Up Believing

I always wanted to have a daughter. After having three boys and knowing instinctively each time that I was carrying XYers, I kind of...

Keep Your Parenting Advice To Yourself (Please and Thanks)

I love how even at my age I am continually lectured about how I should and shouldn’t raise my daughter (and other kids -...

How to Prevent a 5 A.M. Wake Up From Your Toddler

Sleep deprived parents often experience the nightmare of early rising toddlers ready to start their day. Here are some essential bedtime tips to manage toddlers...

Parenting With OCD – Here’s How to Deal

Life with kids can be messy and unpredictable, which can be extremely hard to deal with if you are a parent who suffers from...