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I Had “Lightning Crotch” During Pregnancy And It Was Hell

I had lightning crotch during pregnancy, and it was hell. Recently, the actress, Hillary Duff, admitted on The Ellen Show that she had lightning...

Toddlerhood Has Cut Me To My Core

I was utterly unprepared for toddlerhood. In truth, I was unprepared for motherhood as a whole, but I don’t think any amount of parenting books...

Not Caring Has Made Me a Better Parent

Do I raise my kid on trial and error? Absolutely. Do I wake up some mornings and just stay in bed for a couple more minutes, as my kid screams right into the monitor for my attention? You bet. Are there moments where I really don't like my kid? Oh yes.

Baby, Where Did You Go?

Baby, where did you go? Those chubby thighs still remain, but you now stand tall and strong on your own, without assistance. You try with fervent...

To All the Toxic Friendships I’ve Let Go – Thank You

To all the toxic friendships that I’ve let go, please know that I needed to let you go. For me. For my mental health....