Celebs Purchase School Bus For Daughter And Twitter is NOT Here For It


Have you ever wanted to spoil your kids? Maybe do something a little out of the ordinary for them so they could have a special day?

Of course you have!


Well, that’s exactly what Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott did for their daughter Stormi.

What wild, crazy, truly outside-of-the-box activity did they plan for their three-year-old daughter?

A photoshoot on a school bus.

Source: Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Yes, you read that right. Not an animal safari bus, a party bus, or some other extreme we’ve come to expect from celebrities.

A big, yellow school bus.

But instead of visiting just any old bus, Jenner and Scott purchased the school bus specifically for the occasion.

Apparently, life in the Kardashian/Jenner circle is so outlandish, the only way to kick things up a notch is to spend huge sums of money on an experience most Americans get for free.  

And they are catching allllllllllllll kinds of flak for it on Twitter.

Source: Twitter.com/biancadanello
Source: Twitter.com/TheBryceShow

Personally, this isn’t the type of thing I get worked up about. If that’s how Jenner and Scott want to spend their money, that’s their choice. There’s no shortage of examples of celebrities wasting cash on dumb things.

With that said, many people on Twitter just couldn’t get over the disconnect between the celebrity experience and that of your Average Joe.

school bus tweet
Source: Twitter.com/Samantha_Schou

But you know, if Kyli and Scott truly want to give Stormi a middle-class experience, I have some way better suggestions for them.

Take her to Chuck E. Cheese so she can experience every germ this planet has to offer.

Have an overgrown rat serenade her while she eats pizza that’s both terrible tasting and terrible for her.

Let her spend her $10 weekly allowance for three minutes’ worth of arcade games trying to win a five-cent prize of plastic crap.

Make her do chores.

Have Stormi clean up her own two-million-dollar playroom while she complains endlessly that you never do anything for her. 

Sign her up for a sport she’s begged to play for ages.

Spend a small fortune on registration fees and equipment. That probably comes to a few hundred dollars for your average family, so for Jenner and Scott, I guess forking over a cool million should do.

As soon as the refund deadline passes, have Stormi tell you how much she hates this sport and doesn’t ever want to play it again.

Middle class bonus points will be awarded if you have to physically stand on the field with her to coax her into participating.

All of these are way more accurate depictions of everyday life than wandering an empty, pristine school bus.

Source: Kylie Jenner on Instagram

To give Stormi the real school bus experience, the bus would need to be old, overcrowded, and rickety enough that you feel nervous anytime it needs to travel uphill.

If Scott had trouble getting his hands on a more authentic ride, I know a few thousand public schools that could probably help him out.

Of course, if Stormi later decides she’d like a taste of the family minivan experience… I have a five-year-old trash wagon they’re more than welcome to borrow!


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