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Lindsey is a mom, wife, and blogger at The Althaus Life. She lives in Ohio with her husband and 2 children. Her son Whitman is 7 and has Autism, Apraxia, and Epilepsy. Genevieve is 3 and is the life of the party always keeping Lindsey and Jeremy on their toes. Lindsey is grateful all things and to be able to chronicle her beautifully broken laugh til you cry cry until you laugh life.
adaptive costumes

Halloween Is a Struggle For The Special Needs Community, But Adaptive Costumes Are Helping

“And what does Whitman want to be this year for Halloween?!” I usually roll my eyes as the words hang in the air. In his...

Our Special Needs Family Is Excited That These Stores Are Finally Offering Adaptation Clothing

  Our special needs family is excited that mainstream stores are finally offering adaptation clothing this year.    “Are you ready to go back to school?!” Is...

Here’s Why I Married The Quiet Guy

In the world where the answer is at your fingertips and everyone has an opinion of you it’s hard to figure out who you...

Why Special Needs Moms Need To Find Their Tribe

I remember being in college and hanging out with friends all the time. You had your education friends, the friends you made during Freshman...

10 Things I Wish Parents Would Teach Their Children About Kids With Disabilities

It was a typical Saturday. We were invited to a picnic, it was a small affair of my husband's family. We were excited to...

What My Husband Said In The NICU That Changed Everything

I stood there sobbing which was my new persona those days. The nurse stood there sobbing too. Even though I felt like I failed Jeremy didn’t think so. Even though I was convinced that Whit would be better off with someone else Jeremy didn’t think so.