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Crystal Hill
I've been a mom by profession for the past 18 years. My qualifications are: raising 5 kids and having a degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development. I'm particularly experienced in the areas of carpooling and diaper changing. My hobbies include watching crime dramas and absurd comedies when I have the time, reading when I have the attention span, and running when I'm not too fat. I'm also really good at oversharing and cracking myself up, usually at the same time.

I’d Be Fine With A Mediocre 2021

I’ve always had a soft spot for new beginnings. I love fresh starts, clean slates, renewed hope, and goal setting. Plus, 2020 was a...

10 Signs You’re Officially Panicking About Coronavirus

I rarely panic. I loathe the drama. I even went on a cruise last week and didn’t even think twice about getting any viruses...

Here’s What Your Moody Teenager Really Needs From You

Teens can be pretty surly. It’s what they’re known for. As parents we joke about it in an attempt to lighten the mood and...