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Charissa West is a high school classroom teacher turned stay-at-home, work-at-home mom. When she’s not chasing around her three young sons, she works as an online teacher and freelance writer. She shares her honest, sarcastic, hilarious thoughts on parenting on her blog, The Wild, Wild West, with the goal of helping moms laugh at anything motherhood may throw at them.
medication dosing

Medication Dosing For Kids – How To Safely Manage Household Sickness

Having sick kids is the worst! They’re miserable, you’re miserable, and chances are, no one is getting much (or any) sleep until the illness...
meaningful boy names

Strong And Meaningful Boy Names To Consider For Your Baby

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be so tough! Some people want a unique name,  others may want a more traditional baby...
old-fashioned girl names

Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Are Trendy Again

Like many trends, baby names go through cycles. Any 1970s Jennifers or 1980s Heathers can happily attest to that! As a baby name begins...
old-fashioned baby names

Old-Fashioned Boy Names Are Making a Comeback

Names are often cyclical. Baby names that are very popular for years fall out of favor as the population becomes a bit saturated. Then,...
best baby names

The Best Baby Names For 2021 You Need To Consider

One of the hardest things about having a baby is choosing the right name. HA! Just kidding, there’s a lot of things that are...
pregnancy test calculators

Pregnancy Test Calculators Can Help You Decide When To Test

If you’re trying to conceive, one question you probably think (okay, obsess) about a lot is, “When should I take a pregnancy test?” The...
conception date calculators

Use These Conception Date Calculators To Find Out When You Conceived

Fertility, pregnancy, and conception can be confusing. Many people don’t fully understand the process of conception, let alone how to calculate conception and pregnancy dates. But...
ovulation calculators

These Ovulation Calculators Can Help You Conceive!

Conceiving a child isn’t always as easy as they made it sound in your high school health class. Knowing when (and what) your fertile...

Hero Mom Fights Mountain Lion With Her Bare Hands To Save Five-Year-Old Son

Think back to the day you first met your child. Did you look down into their precious face and think to yourself, “I will absolutely...
IVF pregnancy

IVF Due Date Calculators To Help You Plan Your IVF Pregnancy

Anyone who’s undergone IVF will tell you – it involves all the challenges of your typical pregnancy, plus an additional bajillion layers of challenge....