Book Review: Aging With Ungirdled Passion


“The ungirdled woman doesn’t run from the changes that come with age (mostly because she can no longer run), but she accepts them with grace, dignity, and good spirits–namely tequila, vodka, and gin!”

This is a line from Tracy Kunzler’s book Aging With Ungirdled Passion.

It’s a book that once I started reading, I could not put down!

If you want…if you NEED a laugh or to laugh at yourself (because that isn’t a six pack anymore, it’s six rolls), this is the book for you!


This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I’m starting to feel youth slip away (like it’s been lubed up with petroleum jelly).

Staring in the mirror recently, I’ve noticed a few more wrinkles. Although time has been good to me, I’m starting to look a little more like a Shar Pei with each passing day.

It’s scary! Soon I’ll be digging holes in the backyard and licking my own…ooops! There’s also this strange web thing appearing on my thigh. I think a spider has been hibernating in my fat this past winter!

What I love most about Aging With Ungirdled Passion is that it invites you to welcome the thickening wrinkles, falling boobs, and multiple badunkadunks with open, saggy arms.

We should view these changes as “gifts,” not levies. But these gifts are not normal gifts–they’re GAG gifts! So we are encouraged to lighten up and laugh at where life has brought us. We’re not dead (yet) after all.

There are much worse things than crow’s feet (I’m getting the whole leg) and varicose veins (I just called an exterminator)!


I also learned a few new things after reading this one! For instance, did you know that menopause causes the front “bush” to lose foliage while the “back porch” gains vegetation? It’s true! And a woman’s neck starts to go at age 43? Forty-effing-three?!?!

I have less than three years until I look like I should cluck! I think I’ll welcome the new found facial hair if it covers up the wattle. Really eye opening was that there is such a thing as uterus falling out syndrome! Wait. That’s one I would welcome after five kids. Bring it on!

I love this book, I do.

I recommend it for any woman who is starting to age or who has already crossed into the shape-shifting years.

With chapter titles like “50 is the New 30 Like Nicky Minaj is the New Streisand” and “Sex Drive in Park; Needs Spark Plugs,” how can you go wrong? You’ll laugh until you bust your girdle.

Aging With Ungirdled Passion is available in print and eBook on Amazon. Pick up a copy today and let me know how you like it!


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