How I Earned My Wrinkles: A Book That Causes Laugh Lines


I recently had the pleasure of reading humorist Anne Bardsley’s new book, How I Earned My Wrinkles. And I swear … this might be the first book that actually causes laugh lines.

I could not stop giggling!

The book is a hilarious collection of stories that Anne groomed from decades of being a mom, wife, and woman of this crazy world.

From growing up in a reserved, yet quirky family to welcoming her own grandchild, you’re invited to follow along as Anne relives some of her most memorable (and comedy-infused) moments.


My favorite stories include The Punk on the Beach, which brings to life the time Anne and gang punked her husband, a Eucharistic minister, into thinking he’d broken some sacred rule when judging an impromptu swimsuit competition; Professionalism where one very pregnant Anne finds herself completely toppled over and stuck on a client’s couch; and Mr. Bojangles the story of an old man and his extraordinary dog that teach Anne and friends a valuable life lesson.

Here’s an excerpt from How I Earned My Wrinkles:

I have been blessed by the Wrinkle Fairy.

     She perches on my right shoulder. I caught her waving her sparkly wrinkle wand at me last week. She was laughing as she anointed me. I frowned at her and tried to swat her away.

     It’s not easy avoiding the Wrinkle Fairy when you are married to the Master Wrinkle Maker … my husband, Scott.

     I noticed that the Wrinkle Fairy is more active when he is in the room. I follow him around, closing cabinet doors and drawers, putting things back in the fridge, and searching for his ever-lost keys.

     He also swears that he tells me important facts, but I never remember hearing them come from his mouth. For instance, he claims that he told me, “Don’t use the American Express card. The balance is getting too high.”

     That afternoon, I went out and charged $214 on—you guessed it—American Express. I have no recollection of his conversation about not using that card. I think he is messing with my head.

     This makes me wrinkle up while I try to backtrack in my menopausal mind. I can barely remember him, let alone an imaginary conversation. The Wrinkle Fairy notices my expressions, so she does a little twirl and BAM! She shakes her wand at me.

Anne’s book is available on Amazon. You can also visit her on her blog Anz World and on Erma Bombeck. Here’s a little peek at her stand-up comedy!


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