Ellie Kemper Posts On Instagram That She’s 102 Weeks Pregnant and Every Mom Can Relate


Growing a human is no small feat. It is miraculous and wonderful and amazing. But that 9 months? Actually 9.2 months if we’re being technical, can sometimes feel like for-ev-er.


Or in Ellie Kemper’s case, 102 weeks.

The famous actor, author, and ice cream eater (according to her Instagram profile), is best known for her roles in the sitcoms “The Office” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” She is the mother to a 3-year-old son, James Miller, and she is currently expecting her second child with husband Michael Koman.

She took to her Instagram account to post a picture of her burgeoning belly, captioning the photo with the words:

“102 weeks pregnant!”


And pregnant women everywhere, past and present, can sooooo relate. 

Because as much as being pregnant is a testament to the strength and beauty of a woman’s body, it can also come with a few, less desirable, side effects.

Things like morning sickness, heartburn, back pain, swollen ankles and not being able to see your toes. Or put on socks. Or tie your shoes. For months. So yeah, sometimes, it feels like it may just never end.

With over 168,000 likes and 1592 comments the post has clearly resonated with a lot of people. While most of the comments were from well-wishers congratulating her on her pregnancy and complimenting her on how beautiful she is, there were the others.

The ones who didn’t understand that the reference to “102 weeks pregnant” was a joke.

A hilarious, completely relatable, joke. They were the ones who obviously missed that day in biology class.

it’s not a baby .. u can NOT be pregnant for 102 weeks pregnant.. that meannnssss you’d be pregnant for 2 yrs


That’s a lot of months … 

It’s 24… Two years pregnant… I need answers.

How long have you known about the pregnancy? A week? A month? A year?

Isn’t that impossible why 23 months prego?! It’s only supposed to be 9 months prego!

Wait why 102 you are only supposed to be pregnant for 9 months

There were so many comments in fact, that one commenter took it upon herself to explain the joke.

Guys, she is pregnant. She’s just joking about the 102 weeks cause that’s what it feels like. Stop being quick to judge and think it’s “photoshop” or “she’s pretending”. It’s just a joke because that’s how long she feels like it’s been. She’s not lying that she’s pregnant though so get off her back! Love you, Ellie! I hope your baby is happy and healthy!????


To which one person replied:

I’m glad you cleared that up. The rest of us really didn’t get the joke.

We’re glad you cleared that up too. Just in case you still have questions, I’ll do a quick recap of a biology lesson.

A full-term pregnancy is considered 40 weeks. 40. NOT 102. Unless you’re an elephant, in which case, the gestation period is 95 weeks.

I’m so thankful I am not an elephant.

And let me take this moment to make a quick service announcement: unless you are 100% certain that a woman is pregnant, please, for the love, do not, under any circumstances, ask when the baby is due. And should you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that someone is pregnant?

Here are a few things that you probably shouldn’t say to pregnant women. EVER.

  • Wow! You’re huge! Are you sure you don’t have twins in there?
  • Wow! You’re so tiny. Are you sure you’re pregnant?
  • You look exhausted. You better sleep now, because you’ll never sleep again.
  • Is that a baby or are you growing a watermelon?
  • Did you swallow a basketball?
  • You look like you could pop any day now!
  • Do you want a boy or a girl?
  • Was it planned?
  • Did you get pregnant naturally?

What you should say? Try congratulations. You look beautiful. You are going to make an amazing mom.

Which is exactly what Ellie’s co-stars did say on her Instagram post. Jenna Fischer of ‘The Office’ wrote, “Lady!!! Look at you! Beauty!” and Lauren Adams, who co-starred on ‘Kimmy Scmidt’ commented, “Beauty and the bump!”

Being pregnant is one of the most life-affirming and body-changing events a woman can go through in her life.

It is an amazing journey. But I think most women, even the ones who say they enjoyed every blessed minute (they’re lying), in those last few weeks, couldn’t agree with Ellie more. Because even the pregnancy glow and amazing hair isn’t enough to combat the agony of a baby sitting on your bladder, making you have to get up and pee every 10 minutes. Or not being able to get up out of a chair without assistance. Or fearing that if you bend down, you may never get up.

So yeah, Ellie, WE GET YOU.

While she is obviously in the home stretch of her pregnancy and clearly over being pregnant at this point, there is no word on her actual due date. But when that little bundle does decide to make an appearance? We wish her and her family all the very best.


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